From the
Whale Unity Heart

"We will gently carry you through..."

Inside you is greatness. Greatness and strength. A power that you have forgotten whilst living in this 3D existence. And dear ones it is with compassion we say that we are helping you to break out of those three dimensional boxes that you find yourselves in.


The three dimensional reality is only yours for as long as you want to live in it.


We encourage you to believe in the fullness, and the special nature of your being, and move gently closer to the light that calls you.

The light of all potentialities.

Personal growth and akashic remembrance are intertwined, and when you awaken your old Lemurian soul, true healing happens.

We are there with you because we know exactly where you are, and we will carry you through, it is our promise to you.


We will gently carry you through.

Letina Russell

A Biographical Journey From Land to Sea

Letina is a being of light. A naturally gifted intuitive who although called by the whales and dolphins since she was a child, began this lifetime’s career as a light worker through her brand of investigative Feng Shui.

Upon witnessing the benefits this brought to her family, friends and clients, Letina created a successful practice within the real estate and property development sectors, and has been practicing since 2004. 

Within her feng shui practice, Letina delved deeply into the reading of Chinese astrology, or Four Pillars of Destiny - the study of the stars. Where unbeknownst to her, she was re-connecting with the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades - the star cluster where the ancient traditional Chinese water formulas for Feng Shui originated, and our Pleiadian star families who are intertwined with Letina's connection to the whales.

In 2010 whilst immersed in the energy healing modalities of Reiki and Chiron Healing, for healing of self and family, Letina fell in love with the messages from deceased loved ones who began stepping into the healings. The structure of these modalities provided Letina the comfort to allow spirit healing to flow through her, and upon listening to her guidance Letina  began working as a medium, particularly enjoying the space she shared with spirit when in trance.

Through the gentle daily practice of sitting in trance meditation, and through setting  intentions to do so, Letina met two of her guides and felt the loving presence of her Lemurian guide / higher self. Shortly after this Letina began to channel the Whale Unity Heart.

Their messages of love and wisdom are for everyone, and Letina shares this freely with all who are ready to feel this knowledge within their hearts.

Letina offers her Whale Wisdom Lineage to women via the Whale Wisdom Circles for the Women of Lemuria, Sacred Whale Retreats to Hervey Bay and French Polynesia, and through the Lemurian Unity Invocations healing system for personal awakening and ascension. 


Awaken and Unfold

Growing Into The Fullness of You

As a light worker, healer, spirit channel and gifted intuitive, Letina will gently guide you to any obstacles that you are encountering, bring them to the surface so they can be seen, and with your intention to let go, they can be dissolved.


This is the role of light workers today, to help the awakening of their brothers and sisters, into their fullest potentials. Creating ethical leaders all over the globe, integrating their Akash that is full with lifetimes of spiritual experience.

Ultimately, we are all gifted with  abilities to awaken ourselves, by ourselves, but do we know it? Not usually. Are we aware that we want it – usually, but do not know how to make the first steps.

Letina reminds you that awakening to your fullest potential is why you are here on this earth at this time. In the current cycle of the earth, and within the supportive energies of Gaia, the very fact that you are here now, reading this page, means the answers are already awakening within you.

All you have to do is take a deep breath and say yes!

In 2017 Letina entered a new multi dimensional space of communication with the whales that opened a portal to her own lineage of light, and the wisdom of the whales she was to bring to the women of Lemuria - The Women of Lemuria are every single woman awakening on our planet today. 


As Priestess of the Whale Wisdom Lineage, this is Letina's Lineage of Light. 


As your spiritual guide and mentor, your teacher, your sister and your friend, you are invited to journey with Letina and our beloved cetacean family as we bring you to your Lineage of Light, with an understanding of how to live in your mastery today,

in your full light. 

Whales in sky.JPG

Connecting With Whale Wisdom

Meeting the Unity Heart of the Whales

The connection with the whale heart has been calling Letina since she was a little girl. She searched for reason, tried to make sense of her dreams of the whales and dolphins, sought to understand her connections, and continually sought ways to work with the energies that she loves so much.


In 2017 whilst on a sea kayak with her family, she encountered us very closely for the first time.


The seed was planted to create spiritual whale retreats - to take women to the whales. Retreats where women would connect with the whales for healing their bodies, minds and hearts, and grow in spirit strength whilst being with us.

Letina then prepared for her first retreat in 2018 by sitting with us every day, and we began flowing our energy to her, and through her – these energies are the Unity Heart of us, the Whales of Lemuria.

Join Letina on her annual Sacred Whale Retreats to Hervey Bay, QLD, and Mo'orea French Polynesia.