Options For Your Personal Investment

This is an investment in you, and in bringing the fullness of you to life. It's an important deicion to make, and althoughyou may feel it's resonance, you need to be ready to undertake this soul journey. 

All Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel transformations begin with a Clarity Call. 

This helps to answer any questions you may have, allows us to meet each other, and provides the space for you to make your decision and commitment to this beautiful and loving unfolding.

AU$2800 Pay in full prior to your sessions beginning.


This pay in full option includes a Soul Remembrance Session valued at AU$350 to be scheduled when you make your payment. 

Investment to be paid in full one week prior to your sessions commencing.

The bonus Soul Rememberance session will be held at a time of your choosing, and is separate to the journey work we will do within the Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel.

Read more about the Soul Remembrance Session here. 

AU$2800 Pay in two installments of AU$1400. 

The first installment to be paid one week to your sessions commencing.

Schedule your Clarity Call with Letina to confirm your suitability for our Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel. 


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