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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the retreats cost?

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What does this cost cover?

These prices cover your accommodation for 7 days, from arrival on Saturday to departure the following Saturday, all boating expenses, all retreat costs, tour of some sacred sites of the island. Airfares, food, and transfers are not included.

Are The Retreats for Men and Women

Yes. These retreats are for men and women.

The balance of masculine and feminine is required in the world today. More than ever before. And we honour this within our retreats. Bringing together the masculine and feminine in a balanced way, whilst also encouraging the balancing of these energies within each participant.

The Lemurian Sisterhood Circles are empowerment and healing circles that celebrate the gifts of the Lemurian women. And these retreats, although largely based upon these gifts of celebration, healing, re-birth, intuition, and channelling, are for both men and women.

What else can I do on the island?

The island is a beautiful, natural island. There are many wonderful restaurants within easy walk to for dinner, or an easy taxi ride.

There are two general stores within easy walk of the resort. Once the retreat is over, you can explore the island further on bike or hire a scooter.

There are some beautiful stores that sell Tahitian pearls and artwork, sarongs, wood carvings, shells and all sorts of jewellery. We recommend purchasing any special pieces from a store that promotes only Tahitian artists, and many from the island of Moorea.

During the retreat, we recommend gentle activities in your down time. It’s important to integrate your personal messages from the whales in a way that is meaningful for you. Lying on the beach, reading an inspirational book, writing, walking and sleeping. Sleeping is the best way to integrate your messages and enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

What can I expect to achieve from this retreat?

You can expect to grow and open your heart and mind to new possibilities. Of course, it also depends on what you are hoping to achieve, because the Whales of Lemuria will meet you on your path, exactly where you are, and assist you.

You can expect happiness, acceptance and love, and to feel joy. You will feel a strong bond begin to form within our small intimate groups even before you arrive in Moorea. And you will make very special friendships with people who love and are called by the whales, and who are wanting to awaken their inner Lemurian aspects, and their own inner portals to Lemuria.

If you are wanting personal growth, and to understand the fullness of who you really are, then you will find what this means for you.

If you are wanting to understand why you are here, to understand your purpose, or to begin to understand your purpose work, then these possibilities will be shown, and awakened in you.

How Does This Retreat Differ From Others?

These retreats are very special. We combine the beauty and the sacredness of the island of Moorea, with the Humpback Whales of Moorea in the water, and the channelled messages from the Whales of Lemuria in our evening retreats.

We do have an outline and structure for the Lemurian teachings, and what we know to be the most helpful for our participants, but we are also very guided by the whales, and their messages for our group.

You will find your most intimate needs are addressed, even if you do not speak them out loud.

We will receive channelled messages for our group, each participant will receive channelled messages and have the chance to ask a personal question of the Whales of Lemuria.

Light language blessings and clearings will be given to the group, and this will be further enhanced by the cleansing salt water that we are immersed in every day.

Is it Easy To Get There?

From Australia it is simple. A flight to Auckland, New Zealand and then a 4 ½ hour flight to Tahiti. The flights usually arrive very late in the night – close to midnight. Because the ferries to Moorea do not run at this time, you will need to stay for one night in the Tahiti Airport Hotel. Very clean and super easy to get to from the airport. They will also be waiting for you at this hour, as they have many guests checking in at this time.

Depending on your return flight home, you may also need to stay here on the way back.

We can provide you with ferry time table information closer to your time of travel, and help you book your accommodation and organise your trip if you require.

From the USA, you can fly directly from Hawaii. The stop over situation in the Tahiti Airport Hotel will be the same.

We recommend getting on the earliest ferry the next day, to Moorea. It is a short 45-minute ferry ride and so beautiful as the island of Moorea comes to life right before your eyes.

Do I Need To Be On A Spiritual Journey

No, you do not.

The Humpback Whales will meet you on your path, where ever you are on your life journey. But if you are not interested in spiritual growth, or things of a metaphysical or spiritual nature, then you will find our retreats in this format unsuitable for you.

For a group, upon request we will tailor a personal growth, and leadership retreat.

What Does The Accommodation Provide?

The accommodation is within steps to the beach, and the jetty where we board our boat every day. The beach is a beautiful, small, white sandy beach. Safe and sheltered, with warm, crystal clear water. We choose this accommodation for these reasons.

The bungalows are one bedroom, a loft with a double bed, and a pull-out sofa. Clean and tidy, and very pretty, finished in the Tahitian style.

They have a fridge, oven, cooktop, TV etc. Don’t expect to cook up a storm in these kitchens, but certainly well appointed enough to cook simple, healthy meals. Or you might choose to stock the fridge with breakfast things, and then eat out every night.

The bungalow main bedroom is airconditioned.

The Wi-Fi in this resort is very slow. If you are coming from Australia, Telstra receives no coverage in Moorea. You will need a Vodaphone sim card.

The accommodation is priced as share accommodation. We will pair you with who we think is suitable, and generally the first person to pay can choose if they take the bedroom or the loft.

Is English Readily Understood?


If you only speak English, you will find that most local traders, staff at hotels and restaurants, cafes, taxi drivers etc speak enough English so that you will be able to communicate. French is the official language of Moorea, but Tahitian is their true language. It is always an honouring of the people of the land to learn at least a few words in their native language, and it is always greatly and warmly appreciated by them.

What Happens If There Are No Whales?

The whales are here in the waters of Moorea at this time.

They migrate here to give birth and to recover from birth, to allow their babies to grow stronger in the warm waters before they migrate home again a few months later. So, the whales will be present.

We will venture out to them every day, intuit where they are, use the expertise of our boat captain and the local knowledge of our swim guides to locate them, and then wait to be invited in to swim with them.

Do I Have To Go In The Water?

If you are not comfortable going into deep ocean, then do not go in. You are welcome to stay in the boat. And you will have a wonderful experience in the boat also, tuning into the whales from above the water.

The idea is to be with them, present in the water next to them, and experience a real closeness with these angels of the sea.

Do I Need To Be Able To Swim?

Yes, you must be able to swim, and very confidently.

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Snorkeller?

Yes, you must be able to snorkel, and swim well with flippers. You need to have a full understanding of your snorkelling gear, how to use it, fix it, work with it before you get onto the boat.

Are There Other Activites On The Island?

At night time we can eat meals together in a local restaurant or you might choose to spend a night just resting quietly in preparation for our early morning swims.

There is a café on the beach that has a bar that is open at night time and may have some local Tahitian musicians.

The Intercontinental which is 15 mins walk from our resort has a Polynesian night with traditional dancing and singing.

There is also the Tiki Hut that has a very traditional, local customs, and is considered special because is not marketed for the tourists. As in, it has kept its traditional beauty. Some participants from our last retreat visited the Tiki Hut and loved it.

To be as clear as possible, to receive the healings, blessings and messages from the Whales of Lemuria, and to receive the energy from the Humpback Whales in the water, we encourage an alcohol-free retreat.

What Will The Temperature Be?

Expect the temperatures to range from mid to high 20 degree Celsius to low 30 degrees Celsius. Expect some rain, a little bit every day even.

What Happens In Rough Weather?

If the weather is overcast and rainy, we will still go out. If there are winds that make it too dangerous for us to go out in the boat, then the captain will advise us, and we will not go.

If this is the case, we will always try to recover this day, or go at a different time during the day, so the day is not lost.

Who Facilitates The Retreat

Letina Russell runs the retreat, and works with experienced boat captains and boat owners, local to the island of Moorea.

There are also two swim guides who swim with us every single time we enter the water. It is crucial that we follow the swim guides closely during every swim.

What Do I Bring?

  • Swim wear, two pairs a good idea.

  • Light wetsuit or shorty dive suit 2 mm will be enough. Or long-sleeved swim top, with long pants, and a light vest for added buoyancy.

  • The wetsuit not only protects you from becoming cold in the water (we could be in the water for a couple hours at a time), but it provides sun protection whilst on the boat.

  • Flippers, mask and snorkel – must be in perfect working order.

  • Towel for the boat, wind proof jacket, and hat, sunglasses.

  • Sunblock, environmentally friendly if possible. WOT NOT is a great Australian brand that we highly recommend.

  • Thongs.

  • Sea sickness medication if you usually require it.

A good idea to pack your swim gear, flippers, mask and snorkel in your hand luggage. If luggage is lost, you will still have your swimming gear and be ready for the first whale swim.

The resort is casual. Neat casual dress for dinner is acceptable.

Good walking shoes for discovering the island. There is one road to walk on, but much of the time you walk off to the side and it is unsealed.

Birkenstocks are perfect. Sneakers, sturdy sandals are good options.

A small torch for walking from resort to restaurants at night time, or even just for walking in between each of our bungalows.

Insect repellent. It doesn’t have to be heavy duty. We found that essential oils of citronella, tea tree, lavender, peppermint, orange etc is strong enough. You can easily make your own blend.

Are There Toilets On The Boats?

There are no toilets on the boats.

The boats we use are open air boats. With canopy shade covering, and open sides. You can either hold on until we get back to shore, (probably not possible). Or just go when you are in the water. Or if we are boating to the next location, and you cannot wait, the captain will stop and put the ladder down. You then climb down into the ocean and go whilst hanging onto the ladder.


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