Connecting With Whale Wisdom

Meeting the Unity Heart of the Whales

The connection with the whale heart has been calling Letina since she was a little girl. She searched for reason, tried to make sense of her dreams of us, sought to understand her connections, and tried to find a way to work with the energies that she loves so much.

In 2017 whilst on a sea kayak with her family, she encountered us closely for the first time. And the seed was planted for spiritual whale retreats - to take women to the whales. Retreats where people would meet us for healing their bodies, minds and hearts, and grow in spirit strength whilst being with us. Personal developement in the directions they most desire.

Letina then prepared for her first retreat in 2018 by sitting with us every day, and we began flowing our energy to her, and through her – these energies we now call the Unity Heart of us, the Whales of Lemuria.

Read our loving messages, for all who are ready to open their hearts and receive our loving wisdom.