Awakening the Lemurian Within

Why discovering your original soul gift creates light bulb moments that fill the gaps in your spiritual awakening.

Inside my FREE Masterclass, you’ll see:

  • Your unique soul gift is right under your nose, and how to connect with it now.

  • Why the key to ascension is actually doing nothing.

  • How knowing your vibe will attract your tribe

  • Why the whales celebrate our "light bulb" moments and how they assist in our awakening

Uncover your unique and exceptional soul gift today 

In this free masterclass, we’ll explore how to discover and connect with your intuitive gift to help you in your spiritual awakening journey.

What Sue Has To Say:

Letina has a wonderful gift for receiving divine energy.

Having been a participant in a number of Letina's Sacred Circles I have found that she has a wonderful gift for receiving divine energy. 

It is this energy that raises one's consciousness to a higher frequency whereby one can experience an all encompassing oneness, healing and love.

Also it is Letina's ability to channel that brings forth that divine guidance and wisdom. 

Wonderful! In gratitude.

Image by William Farlow


Being liberated from the smudging, cleansing and releasing phase of your spiritual growth. (Beautiful woman, you’re done with that!)

​Synchronicity, and knowing that “divine right timing” isn’t just a comfy phrase


​Pressing fast-forward on your past lives, and skip to your intentional and soul connected now. (Yes you probably were an Egyptian Priestess in a past life, but how does that help you right now!)

Discover your soul gift, and get ready for light bulb moments that will fill the gaps in your spiritual awakening.
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What Dee Helen Has To Say:

Letina is a truly gifted healer.

I have had a series of 6 sessions and they have been truly transformational.

Gentle, caring and fiercely loyal to all aspects of my soul. Letina has gently guided me to find what treasures lay  hidde underneath the ego to find what it is that my heart is longing to express and then how to express these gifts in my everyday life.

So thank you Letina with all my heart.

Letina Russel


Letina Russell is a spiritual guide and mentor, who knows that magic happens when women set intentions to uncover, and then shine light upon their intuitive gifts.
Dedicated to women who are confused by ascension symptoms, wasting time trapped in a sinking Atlantis, or pondering the colour of their soul's ray. Letina believes awakening and soul connection is always an inside job, that is available right now, to every woman. So why wait? 

Letina has created an inspiring, transformational space where women uncover the UNIQUE flavour of THEIR exceptional soul gifts. It starts with “Awakening the Lemurian Within” and you can sign up now, absolutely free.