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Whales of Lemuria Sacred Retreat,
Mo'orea, French Polynesia

Join Letina Russell and Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf of the Lemurian Sisterhood.

Intimate gatherings of six to eight people.

Held in the loving and all knowing vibration of the whales.

Due to Covid19 travel restrictions, we are not offering any retreats in French Polynesia for 2021. We choose to leave this information on our site, and hope we will be able to return soon. 

This sacred feminine island, very near to the island of Tahiti, has pristine, warm waters, and rings with the energy of the Goddess. The moment you step foot onto this sacred land, you begin to understand why the Humpback Whales migrate here for the birthing of their calves.


We swim daily with them when they invite us into the water, and experience the magic of just being in their crystal waters, that cleanse the plaque and debris from our bodies and auric fields every day.


There really are no words to describe the elevation of your heart and soul from being with these enormous beings of light.


Once our day on the ocean is over we retreat to our space to rest, and prepare for our adventure with the Whales of Lemuria, and their deeply transformational, channelled energy transmissions from their Unity Heart. We will hear from our Star Mothers, and receive daily lessons from deep within the Lemurian Teaching Wheel.


The retreat will last for 7 days, and will include a sacred tour, to the heart of the island, where profound connections with the all that is, can be made.


Due to Covid19 travel restrictions we are not able to travel to French Polynesia at this time. 

The New Lemuria

We choose the islands in French Polynesia, and most specifically the island of Mo'orea because magic happens on this island. Not only are the waters delicious and warm, both for you and for us, but the island has incredible magnetic energy. We can interact with you safely. It draws us together. The energies of the earth, stars and oceans create a melting pot of marvellous creation.


It is written that the island was to be found by the Lemurian people, and that in this time and space, after the earth had passed the markers of 2012, the earths magnetic grid would change, and we would meet you here. You are here, and together we will join in the remembering of who you really are, and the celebration of your awakening.


The pyramidal structures support spiritual growth, and for those on their ascension path, this provides great assistance. The cave of creation and the crystals of this island are buried deep within our mother earth. You feel the magnetics as soon as you step foot onto this beautiful and sacred land, and the vibrations of deep joy and happiness will fill you, surrounding your auric field, and astral bodies as you stay here.

Sunset Beach Resort, Mo'orea

On this island of Mo'orea, you will feel a remembrance of home.

Awaken here and feel your unique Lemurian energies light up again.

A beautiful, Tahitian resort with a white sandy beach, and clear, warm waters. Protected by a reef and lagoon, the whales can be seen breaching from the beach front bungalows. We love it here for so many reasons.

Our boat pulls up to the jetty, seen in the pictures below. From our rooms, it is a two minute walk to jetty, via the garden and the beach. At the end of the day, the boat brings us back directly to the resort and you are home.

Within an easy walking distance, there are two general stores, shops and restaurants.

The bungalows are air conditioned, comfortable, clean and well appointed.


Is The Retreat Right For You

For most people, swimming with the Humpback Whales is a once in a life time opportunity - although it certainly doesn’t have to be. However, being with the Whales of Lemuria, in the warm waters of French Polynesia will open your life in ways you may never feel again.

No matter how much time you spend with the whales in the water, expect openings and growth within your heart, mind, psychic abilities, healing abilities, leadership qualities, paths of personal growth, ability to visualise, overall clarity, recognition of opportunities, ability to feel love and joy, ability to enjoy fulfilling relationships.


If you are awakening, and already understand 4th, 5th, 6th dimensional beingness, then the Whales of Lemuria and their messages will certainly enhance your personal experiences, and knowledge of these areas, particularly for you.


- Enrolment -

It is important to consider what you are wanting to achieve in your life at the present time, because being with the beautiful Humpback Whales in Moorea will help you achieve everything you are hoping for.

To help you understand the retreat, and how we can assist you on your path of personal or spiritual growth, or further awakening, we ask that you provide some information about yourself in writing. We will then connect via Skype, where you will have a chance to have your personal questions about the retreat answered, and feel if the retreat is suitable for you, and if you are suitable for this style of retreat. Please book a free Clarity Call to talk to us further about our retreats.

We look forward to co- creating this very special experience with you.

During this retreat, you will receive the first five Lemurian Unity Invocations as given by the whales and our Pleiadian Star Mothers. We will turn on our Pleiadian Love Light, and welcome the whales to join us where ever we are on our awakening journeys.

The retreat cost includes a printed work book with the Lemurian Unity Invocations for your ongoing spiritual growth and further awakening.





Very special connections are made on our spiritual retreats. We love how our participants are drawn together from all walks of life. Below are some testimonials from our Hervey Bay Sacred Whale Retreat.

Image by Silas Baisch

Joining Letina and nine other amazing souls on this journey to connect with the energy and wisdom of the whales, was an opportunity that I came across a short time ago.


Letina coordinated and facilitated an experience that all of us will remember for this lifetime and beyond. Letina found the perfect catamaran, captain and crew to keep us safe, well fed and certainly finding the “good” whales for us to swim with.  

We not only saw the whales up close, they shared their energy and love with us in the water as well with a gentle touch.


My deepest gratitude and affection for Letina.  I hope to join the group again next year as it is definitely a trip to experience again.  


Highly recommending this special soul Letina and her sacred whale retreat to Hervey Bay. 

- Barbara Boyle, Rowville, Victoria -