The Sisterhood Meetings

Re-Connecting with Family

Goddesses, welcome to the Lemurian Sacred Sisterhood, Melbourne.

Our gentle, loving and healing space is set for you to awaken your intuitive gifts in a safe and supportive environment.

There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to have. Just be.

Come with the intention to re-connect with your soul sisters, and spiritual tribe and to enliven a remembrance of a time long ago, when our intuitive gifts were acknowledged and revered. You will connect with your soul family, feel your spiritual tribe around you, and be astounded at how we gather together with ease and grace.

We meet each other in this space, all sisters. In a way that we could not orchestrate on our own. There is a grand plan that brings us together again, and it has to do with healing for ourselves, for our families, friends and love ones, and in turn a re-balancing of Gaia. We meet now because it is the right time.

We gather to remember, to create a very special space where we can just be.


Thank you Letina

I've been meaning to say - thank you so much for the beautiful meditation we did with the Lemurian Sacred Circle. 

After the lights across the collarbones were activated I had a profound sense of confidence and security in allowing other dimensional aspects to be here on planet Earth.

It is the first time it's felt really safe and confident/comfortable for higher dimensions to be here.

Really, really wonderful

Thank you, thank you, thank you 

Mel. H