Sacred Lemurian Journeying

On these sacred and very personal journeys, meet your ancient Lemurian soul & uncover the Goddess within.

Journey to the shores of Lemuria, to meet your ancient Lemurian soul.

We close our eyes, and take a few deep breaths together, and we begin our journey. We are taken to a sandy cove, a sacred site. We know this is a place for sacred women’s business. The business of the Lemurian Sisterhood.

When the time is right and when you are ready, you are invited to step slowly and gently onto the sand, to the middle of the sacred ground.

You are revered.

Be greeted by the Goddesses who lived with you in your Lemurian life. Receive their blessings as they honour your journey to uncover the Goddess within.

On the sand, we are greeted by the Goddesses of the Sisterhood, and they surround us, many, many of them. Often gathering around the edges of the sacred site, where the grass and sand meet. Holding the sacred space for your journey home. 

Sit in the presence of our Star Mothers, and the Whales of Lemuria, as they guide your journey in a safe, beautiful and loving way.

Our Star Mothers often meet us on the sand. Sometimes there is two of them and they work with the Goddesses who have come forth to be present with you and offer encouragement as you prepare to meet and re-birth your Lemurian self.

Our guide, Mother Whale holds the sacred space in the warm waters. She knows you and understands exactly where you are on your own awakening journey. Because the waters become very deep, very quickly almost like an enormous well, she is able to be very close to us. You can see and hear her, and you can be with her safely in the water. She sees you.

Receive your own personal guidance from the Whales of Lemuria who know you and where you are in your awakening journey, and the Star Mothers – their ancient song and light language will seed this blessing into your heart and soul.

Mother Whale and our Star Mothers will speak to you. Offering their love and blessings to you, they honour you with song, and language of the light. You feel the vibration of this song deep within your cells. As you somehow recognise these sounds, they settle into your physical body and auric field, providing comfort as they unlock deeply held beliefs that come to the surface to be both seen, and often cleared.

The light language is ancient, and soulful. These are ancient energy codes that you will remember on some level of your being. Reverent blessings and also clearings, they will continue to work within you on a deep level.

Unlock ancient teachings that you received in Lemuria, that are waiting to bubble up into your being.

What did you do in Lemuria? Where you a mother, a healer, a shaman, a star steerer, an animal communicator, a medicine woman, a singer, a priestess? Did you dance, did you prepare the ceremonial ground, were you an archive for the teachings from the Pleiadeans?

As the Goddess gather, they gently lead you to uncover the qualities that made you unique in your Lemurian life. They reveal to you who you were, what you did on the island of Lemuria.

If you choose to awaken these gifts into your life again now, they will show you how.

With the guidance of your inner being, your Lemurian soul, choose to understand the Goddess qualities you were born with in this life.

You are present, I am present, our Star Mothers, and Goddesses are with us, and Mother Whale is holding space for us in the Lemurian waters. Between us, we uncover the tapestry between your Lemurian life and this life now.  As the qualities from both lifetimes interweave, you begin to see and understand how you walk as the Goddess in this life, and the magnificence of who you truly are.

Through a cleansing in the warm waters of Lemuria, leave behind the qualities that no longer serve you in this life.

Mother Whale is waiting gently and patiently. After your ceremony with the Goddesses and only when you are ready, they walk you to the water edge. You gently push off the sand, and receive the loving and high vibrations of Mother Whale as the cleansing salt water crystallises and dissolves qualities you are willing to leave behind.

When you are ready to leave the water, the Goddesses are waiting to help you back onto the sand.

You are refreshed, cleansed and renewed.


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