Greetings Goddess...

A Personal Story

When I first met with Amber Mele’ha Wolf, she greeted me as “Goddess”. It felt strange.

This word was not associated with me. Not yet…

Upon receiving the unconditional love, and inclusion of the Lemurian Sisterhood, I began to understand what walking as a Goddess truly is. And also what it is not.

  • When you honour yourself, you are walking as a Goddess.

  • When you honour your special gifts, you are acknowledging the Goddess within.

  • When you understand that you lived in Lemuria, and you are here now to emulate what you did then, you are breathing life into the Goddess.

  • Expecting others to treat you as a Goddess, does not honour the Goddess within.

  • The reverence comes from inside you. A self-love that is gentle, kind and forgiving, that knows you and allows you to be.

My own journey of awakening seems to have take a long time, in fact my whole life, until this point.

I know also, that this journey continues as my own Akash delivers gifts to me that I draw upon. These enhance my life, that of my family and our extended soul family, who are all the friends and fellow light workers that we gather with on our path.

This discovery itself, and truly knowing it with my full heart and soul, has been one of the most enlightening aspects of my journey.

So, I am here, combining my intuitive gifts with my lifelong relationship with the whales.

You and I meet here, in this space. We see each other and feel a deep connection as we allow the Goddess in you to surface and be embraced.

“The Goddess in me recognises and honours the Goddess in you,

as the Goddess in you recognises and honours the Goddess in me.

When I am in that place in me, and you are in that place in you,

there is only One of us.

Peace on Earth begins within.



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