Adama and

Mt. Shasta

Life Changing Syncronicity

Every morning I sit in channel and allow the loving energy of the Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria to gently float to me and through me. At this time, I am usually writing.

One morning in early January 2019, I was guided to stop writing and sit in meditation. This was very strong guidance, and I listened. I closed my eyes, and very soon after I was at the side of a mountain that I knew to be Mt. Shasta.

There I was standing next to an enormous white-haired man, guide, who I knew to be Adama. Although I have never specifically called upon Adama, I knew him to be the spiritual “keeper” and guide of Mt Shasta.

He was so tall, in my minds eye, easily the height of a double storey building. And I was tiny – I felt like I might have come up to his ankle or lower shin area. When he gathered me in close to the side of him, I was taller, maybe waist height, and felt like a child to a taller, loving parent.

He gave me a stave with a golden ball of light on the top of it and told me how to use this inside the mountain. He then instructed me how to use my third eye whilst inside, and to only trust the vision through my third eye. I then felt through my third eye, and navigated my way to the left of me, where I felt very drawn. There was a swirling mass of energy that embraced me, and I knew immediately I was with my star family. No further information was given to me from them, but I felt their love, and just knew that everything was right and OK.

I was then shown an image of me driving / piloting what appeared to be a craft that contained a giant circular pool of water on the back of it. This circular pool must have been 40 meters across, not possible that this was a 3D road going vehicle, and although I didn’t know what it was or why I was in it, I knew it was connected to the cetaceans.

The final and most profoudn image, Adama gave me was of a thatched hut, with no floor and no walls. Just made of timber / bamboo material with thatched pitched roof. It seemed to be floating above the ocean. There was no floor, but there were a couple of wooden beams that I could sit on and dangle my feet into the ocean. Somehow this thatched structure was fixed to the ocean floor but would always remain above the waves. The ability of the Lemurians with the help of their Pleiadian ancestors to build amazing structures is beyond our comprehension.

The movie that played in my mind’s eye showed the ocean waters rising, and when the ocean was level with the beams that formed the bottom of the hut, I would gently drop into the water. The whales would be there, gently allowing the water to lift them up to meet me, and I would lower myself into the water to meet them. Here, in this space, we were open to receiving, feeling, communicating with each other. They met me at my level, and I met them at theirs. This is when my two-way communication with and love for the cetaceans began.

In my real waking life, in January 2019 only three weeks later, I was taken to Ho’oponopono Bay – A sacred place on the Big Island of Hawaii. I could feel the energies within me so strongly building as we approached. And as we parked the car, I knew that a life changing unfolding was before me.

I stepped out of the car onto the sacred ground, and quietly followed the others in front of me down the many steps that led to the water’s edge. Before me was the thatched hut that I had seen in my vision only weeks before, and I knew that I had come home.

Lemuria is a state of mind, that is true. But I felt the physical existence, the majesty of the island in that very moment. With synchronous affirmation that that my Lemurian Akash was truly awakened.

As I left Mt Shasta in my meditation that morning, Adama gave me some information about why he stands and protects the entry into Mt Shasta. He is not like a body guard.  Standing there in love allowing anyone who enters from a place deep within their heart, and with integrity to enter. However, there is something special he does with their light when they enter… he holds their light in the glowing ball on the top of his stave. When they leave, he returns this to them and their light is re-charged, renewed and somehow a little bit different.

You see you don’t need your light when inside Mt. Shasta, but the right people need to share the light of Mt. Shasta with the outside world.


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