Letina Russell

A Biographical Journey From Land to Sea

Letina is a being of light. A naturally gifted intuitive who began this lifetime’s career as a light worker through her brand of investigative feng shui.

Upon witnessing the benefits brought to her family, friends and clients, Letina created a successful practice within the real estate and property development sectors, and has been practicing since 2004. 

Within her feng shui practice, Letina delved deeply into the reading of Chinese astrology, the study of the stars, where unbeknownst to her, she was re-connecting with the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades - the star cluster where the ancient traditional Chinese water formulas for feng shui originated.

In 2010 whilst immersed in the energy healing modalities of Reiki and Chiron Healing, for healing of self and family, Letina fell in love with the messages from passed loved ones who began stepping into the healings. The structure of these modalities provided Letina the comfort to allow spirit healing to flow through her, and upon guidance Letina  began working as a medium, particularly enjoying the space she shared with spirit when in trance.

Through the gentle daily practice of sitting in meditation and trance, and through her intention, Letina met two of her guides and felt the loving presence of her Lemurian guide / higher self. Shortly after this Letina began to channel the Whale Unity Heart.

Their messages of love and wisdom are for everyone, and Letina shares this freely with all who are ready to feel this knowledge within their hearts.

Letina holds Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles every month for women throughout Australia, and other countries around the world.

Every August and September Letina facilitates Sacred Whale Retreats - "Awaken the Lemurian Within" in QLD Australia, and French Polynesia. Intimate and transformational retreats including immersions and swimming with the beloved Humpback Whales, the record keepers of our planet.