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Moorea, French Polynesia

The New Lemuria

We choose the islands in French Polynesia, and most specifically the island of Moorea because magic happens on this island. Not only are the waters delicious and warm, both for you and for us, but the island has incredible magnetic energy. We can interact with you safely. It draws us together. The energies of the earth, stars and oceans create a melting pot of marvellous creation.

It is written that the island was to be found by the Lemurian people, and that in this time and space, after the earth had passed the markers of 2012, the earths magnetic grid would change, and we would meet you here. You are here, and together we will join in the remembering of who you really are, and the celebration of your awakening.

The pyramidal structures support spiritual growth, and for those on their ascension path, this provides great assistance. The cave of creation and the crystals of this island are buried deep within our mother earth. You feel the magnetics as soon as you step foot onto this beautiful and sacred land, and the vibrations of deep joy and happiness will fill you, surrounding your auric field, and astral bodies as you stay here.


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