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Hervey Bay Whale Retreats

DATES: August 27 - 31, 2023
"Leading With Love"
Mastering Purposeful Leadership for Conscious, Heart Based Women.

Spend four life changing days and nights immersed with Letina Russell and the Humpback Whales.


Know your innate power to affect great change when you lead with love, and make decisions from your heart centre.

Feel the compassionate strength of the Whales within you, as you speak truthfully with courage from your heart, even if your knees feel weak. 

About The Location

Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia

Since the beginning of human existence, the Whales have held a loving and compassionate space for us. As a gift for humans, they remain in support of our growth towards living as fully awakened beings on new earth.  

The Whales hold the records of our lifetimes on this planet, and they know how each of our awakening souls fits into Gaia’s overall course of ascension.


Be held in the loving gaze of the Whales, and unveil your spectacular, spiritual superpower. 

Humpback Whale
Person swimming with Humpback Whale
With the Whales you will...
  •  Understand your own soul's calling;

  • Exponentially boost your intuition and telepathy;

  • Balance the divine feminine and sacred masculine aspects of yourself within your heart;

  • Bring light to your repeating patterns for gentle transmutation;

  • Know your ability as a quantum creator;

  • Speak your truth in loving ways, even when your knees are shaking;

  • Surrender to the flow and live in full trust;

  • Follow the synchronicities to create magic in your life;

  • Awaken and integrate your unique spiritual gift;

  • Heal deeply;

  • Know your worthiness.

Your journey with the whales is unique and special. When their consciousness mingles with yours, you will know the true magnificence of your beautiful soul. Allow the Whales to honour your own lineage of light, and what no longer serves you will simply fall away. 

This retreat is for women who are:

  • Incorporating their spiritual tools in their business in a non woo-woo way.

  • Creating a balance of power between masculine and feminine at work.

  • Wanting to use their spiritual tools to create real progress in their career.

  • Looking to blend their spiritual life with their daily work.

  • Feeling wrenched between their daily jobs and their spiritual practice.

  • Wanting to speak clearly, truthfully with strength during courageous conversations. 

  • Craving a healing, nature escape.

  • Needing to restore their energy reserves and re-emerge from their heart space. 

  • Would like to experience real and lasting soul family connections with their sisters.

  • Ready to experience being held in the most loving and potent energies on the planet today.


  • Acknowledgment that this is a spiritual retreat.

  • Some experience in meditation, and sitting in sacred space, or sitting in the quiet. 

  • Seeking to deepen, or develop a personal spiritual practice.

  • To attend the 5 online, Sacred Circles prior to the retreat. 

  • Must be comfortable on a boat, in the deep ocean.

  • Swimming is not necessary. 

  • For those who choose to swim, confident use of mask and snorkel is necessary.

Women on the boat at a Whale Retreat in Hervey Bay
Whale Tail coming out of water
Retreat Inclusions
  • 5 x online “Whale Wisdom Circles” To begin feeling the vibration of the Whales, and to create the energy signature of our pod. Fully recorded for you to keep.

  • Traditional Welcome to Country, with Badtjala Elder.

  • Introduction to the healing modality Lemurian Unity Invocations ©

  • 4 x nights accommodation in the luxurious Akama Bay Resort, Urangan, Qld. 

  • 3 x days fully exclusive, catered boat hire - venturing out to the Whales. Eco certified sailing catamaran.

  • Sacred breathwork with the whales, and mediation circles on the boat.

  • Hours of transformational whale swims with Letina Russell.

  • Opportunities to float in the vibrations of the Whale song. 

  • 5 x evening immersive retreat sessions, including recordings of personal Q&A channellings by Letina Russell with the Whale Unity Heart.

  • Limited spaces for intimate connections with the whales - 12 women only. 

shutterstock_1933417754 (1).jpg


Virtual portion of the retreat:

  • Welcome Circle Online 11 May, 2023 - 8pm

  • Online Sacred Circle 18 May, 2023 - 8pm

  • Online Sacred Circle 15 June, 2023 - 8pm 

  • Online Sacred Circle 13 July 2023 - 8pm 

  • Special Lion’s Gate Portal Online Sacred Circle - 8 August 2023 - 8pm

Physical portion of the retreat:

Sunday 27 August, 2023

  • 4pm Acknowledgement of Country

  • Sacred Circle Retreat Welcome and Opening

  • Group dinner (self pay)

Monday 28 August, 2023

  • 7am - 4pm (approx) On the ocean, immersions with the whales

  • Sacred Sounds and breath sharing

  • Evening sacred circle to receive channelled quantum meditations and guidance from the Whales, presented by Letina Russell. 

Tuesday 29 August, 2023

  • 7am - 4pm (approx) On the ocean, immersions with the whales

  • Sacred Sounds and breath sharing

  • Evening sacred circle to receive channelled quantum meditations and guidance from the Whales, presented by Letina Russell.

Wednesday 30 August, 2023

  • 7am - 4pm (approx) On the ocean, immersions with the whales

  • Sacred Sounds and breath sharing

  • Evening sacred circle to receive channelled quantum meditations and guidance from the Whales, presented by Letina Russell.

Thursday 31 August, 2023

  • 9.30am - 12 noon Sacred Circle Close.

  • Channelling session with the Whale Unity Heart. Your personal questions answered.

  • Retreat closes at noon.

More about location

Akama Bay Resort 

625 Esplanade, Urangan QLD 4655

Phone: (07) 4197 0777

Blue Dolphin 

Great Sandy Straits Marina, Buccaneer Dr, Hervey Bay QLD 4655

Phone: (07) 4124 9600

Cancellation Policy

For detailed information on our cancellation policy, please read here. 

Investment & Bookings

There are two options to pay:


1/ Pay In Full Discount Option

2/ Pay In Two Instalments 

USD    Pay In Full $3216.15. OR two payments of $1709.50

EURO Pay in Full $3052.90. OR two payments of $1623.22

AUD   Pay in Full $4890.00. OR two payments of $2600.00


International currency conversion rates as at 8 March 2023. Please check at time of booking.

Your investment includes:
  • 3 full days exclusive sailing on an eco certified sailing catamaran, fully catered for all dietary requirements. 

  • 3 full days of guided, sacred swims with the Humpback Whales 

  • 4 nights accommodation in the beautiful Akama Bay Resort, Hervey Bay.

  • 4 day transformational retreat “Your Lineage of Light” facilitated by Letina Russell, and the Whale Unity Heart.

  • Initiation into the healing modality The Lemurian Unity Invocations ©.

  • Over 5 hours of live, sacred circles to energetically attune to the whales, and to connect with the women of our retreat. Held on Zoom, all circles are recorded for your convenience.

  • Invitation to a private Facebook Group for establishing our energy signature, feeling the vibration of the whales, support, connection and healing prior to the retreat.

  • The investment does not include airfares, food or transportation to or from the resort.

For guests within Australia, banking details will be provided upon booking confirmation, for direct deposit into our account. 


For overseas guests PayPal payments will be arranged. The PayPal fees will be calculated and added on top of the retreat price that is listed above. 

2 x instalment payments may be made with the second instalment required by

30 June 2023.

Letina happy on a boat
Meet Your Guide

Letina has a special gift of communicating with the whales, and delivering their messages to you, for your greatest experience. She holds a sacred space of love where you will receive the life changing, transformational frequencies of the whales during retreat, on boat, land and sea. 

As your spiritual guide and mentor, Letina will help you integrate your spiritual practice, and create a life of purpose and mastery.

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