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💗We Choose To Lead With Love💗

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Thank you to everyone who gathered for our 3 Day Immersion into "Leading With Love - How to Awaken Your Spiritual Superpower &

Live, Love and Lead from your Sacred Heart. "


We're thrilled you chose to join us, and add your light to our circle.

Don’t miss this chance to watch the replay for exclusive, online spiritual mentoring that will help you feel your sacred heart, elevate your emotions, and bring balanced spirituality into your every day life.


For the next 7 days only, catch the replays in our private Facebook Group 


💗light language initiations




💗spiritual storytelling


So you can Live, Love and Lead from your Sacred Heart.


Namaste, The Whale Unity Heart

This photo was captured during the "Leading With Love" event.

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