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Awaken your
Spiritual Superpower

Are you ready to deeply heal, and finally let go of your deepest resistance? 

August 2023, Hervey Bay, QLD

Would you like lasting transformation and guidance on your awakening path.

Know your spiritual superpower.

Know your light.

Join our 4 day immersion with the whales

Register now for your free 40 min 

Retreat Clarity Call with Letina Russell.

Feel the energies of the Whales flow to you, and see if our retreat is right for you now. 

Why wait until 2024? 

Strictly limited to 12 women only.  

Know Your Spiritual Superpower, and Live, Love and Lead from your Sacred Heart.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch to book your 40 minRetreat Clarity Call with Letina Russell

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