Retreat Curriculum

Our retreat is based on personal development and spiritual growth, and what ever this means in your life, you will be assisted with it during the course of this week.

We are also aware of the groups' energy, and what is needed by the whole. Always in any development circle, because we work with quantum energies, your needs will often be met through the asking of another circle member.

Planned as below, and open to change as we are guided by the daily messages and weekly themes of the whales. 

Daily Itinerary:

  • Whale swims from morning to lunch time. Generally 7 am - 12pm / noon.

  • Channelling with the Whale Unity Heart and our Lemurian Star Mothers.

  • Receive the Language of Lemurian Unity and Unity Invocations to deepen your own connection to the whales, and to your inner journey.

  • Guided meditations

  • Sharing upon the daily lessons from the Whales of Lemuria

More detail on lessons from the Whales of Lemuria:

Working with the original Lemurian Rebirthing Wheel to journey back to the shores of ancient Lemuria. Discover who you were then, and what you did within the Sisterhood. Meet your Pleiadian Star Mothers, your teachers, feel the Goddesses around you, and understand you were seen, known and respected for your shamanism.  

To allow your Lemurian Akash to open, and speak to you we will guide you on some of the following sacred journeys: 

  • Meet your Inner Child

  • Uncover Your Gifts​

  • Circle of Parents

  • Leaving Behind

  • Celebration

  • Birth Before Birth

Receive their blessings and love, as they lead us in ceremony through the Language of Lemurian Unity.

  • The Birthing of the New Lemuria  - What it means to be a Lemurian on the earth today and rebirthing your Lemurian soul, with all your gifts and talents. 

  • As we understand the true nature of our wise soul, we uncover our Pleiadian aspects, and we let our Pleiadian Love Light shine. When you walk with, and hold within your field, the Language of Lemurian Unity, you are sending powerful light and signals to our star families that we acknowledge them, and invite their benevolence into our lives.

  • Trusting in the unfolding – developing trust even in the absence of physical proof.

  • Patience – as taught by the whales – noticing the feeling place, as our first manifestation of physical creation.

  • Developing of self - overcoming personal obstacles using light language and sound.


Retreat Outline

A Message From the Loving Whales of Lemuria

"Dearest ones, we encourage you to visit us where we can transmit our frequencies of love and light to you.

It is our promise to you that no matter what you need in your life, what you are working toward, whatever you are reaching for, we will help you  and elevate you closer to your chosen desires.

There is a special calling from all of you who choose to be with us. It is a calling, a longing, or a spark within your being to remember just who you really are.

The seeds of the Pleiades, the Star Mothers and their teachings are within you. You are wanting, and ready to remember the fullest aspect of yourselves."

This beautiful photo of baby whale taken by our dear, and talented friend and whale lover Diane Dunkman. Contact us for more information about Diane's beautiful catalogue.


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