The Sacred Process

What Happens & How Will I Feel?

This is a gentle immersion where you will reconnect with the fullness of your ancient Lemurian soul.

We will meet once every week for six weeks via Skype, or Zoom. Our meetings will last between 70 - 90mins, and recordings will be sent to you each week.

The length of the meeting will depend on the depth of the session, and the need of your soul's voice at that time. We will be gently feel the winding down and natural completion of the session, and we are not governed by linear time.

During this time, our souls are deeply connected as I facilitate our gathering.

You will sit in the energetic space that is held for you by your Lemurian guides (your higher self / your guide self), Mother Whale and the Whales of Lemuria (who see your path to awakening so clearly before you) and our Star Mothers (who have never left your side, and who taught you and still love you as their own star seed).

You will feel the sacredness of being truly cherished and begin to understand the sacred feminine and her place in this world that is seeking balance, and her place within you.

The Lemurian Re-Birthing Template allows us to delve deeply, and allow the guided gentle opening of your Akash. Because we meet weekly for six weeks, and complete a section of the Re-Birthing Wheel each week, we feel the fullness of completion at the end. 

There are often processes to do in between sessions, like journalling, coloured light meditations, feeling the energies of different crystals or plants, working with the symbols that have been given to you. It is helpful and very important to check in with each other within seven days, keeping the energies alive and dynamic, and holding and honouring you with love and support of the Lemurian Sacred Sisterhood.

The transformation is life changing. 


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