Humpback Whale Retreats

The Humpback Whales see us, know us and meet us on our journeys to awakening. Experience profound heart opening with them in an intimate group of soul family.

Personal Growth

Spiritual Growth

Self Discovery, Self Acceptance


Happiness and Joy


Readings and

Soul Rememberance

With a soul to soul connection you can receive guidance that is perfectly suited to your life path, and current life situations. 

Receive personal Channeled Messages From The Whale Unity Heart

Intuitive Guidance & Clarity

Uncovering Higher Purpose

Activating Akashic Remembrance

Understand your Purpose Work

Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles

An empowering and healing sacred circle.

Sisterhood Spiral Initiation Meditation

Experience healing hands, and feel the energies of love and support circle you.

Be moved by channelled messages from our Star Mothers and the Unity Heart of the Whales gently guiding you, back to you.


Re-Birthing Wheel

Allow your Lemurian Akash to open, and bring your sacred gifts to life.

Live in the peace that comes with knowing the fullness of your soul. 

Through a series of 6 quantum and very unique soul journeys, meet your Lemurian self, and uncover the gifts and talents you lived with in Lemuria.

Learn why you carry the essence of these qualities and how you can bring them to life now.