Crystalline Lemurian Waters

The Re-Birthing Wheel, Birthed to the Song of the Whale.

In the crystalline waters of Lemuria with the loving presence of the whales, the Lemurian women gave birth. Here their babes were born to the vibration of the whales, and often the first sounds they would hear were of whale song. Just imagine.

In Lemuria, I would call the whales in. Not only with sound, but with intent and vibration. I would enter the water and ask them to come.

The Goddesses knew the baby who was about to be born. We had known them since they were conceived, and we celebrated as they grew and were nurtured in the womb of their mother.

We already knew their special gifts -healer, astrologer, Priestess, King, shaman, medicine woman, leader, mother teacher. We knew when there was more than one baby. And this was seasonal. There were better times for women to conceive, birth and nourish their babies. It made sense to the civilisation to do this in the flow of the high food cycles, and they did.

Lemurian people were one with nature, and this is one of the reasons why their intuitive gifts were highly polished, pure and pristine.

These images, stories, ideas came floating into me. It’s not easy to describe how something so etheric, can also feel so strong, and present within my body and soul. This is exactly what happens when you integrate your Akash. 

To allow your Lemurian Akash to open, and speak to you we will guide you on the following sacred journeys: 

  • Meet your Inner Child

  • Uncover Your Gifts

  • Circle of Parents

  • Leaving Behind

  • Celebration

  • Birth Before Birth


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