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The Original Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel

Allow your Lemurian Akash to open, and bring your sacred gifts to life. Live in the peace that comes with knowing the fullness of your soul.

This is a gentle immersion where you will reconnect with the fullness of your ancient Lemurian soul.

During this time, our souls are deeply connected as I facilitate our gathering.

You will sit in the energetic space that is held for you by your Lemurian guides (your higher self / your guide self), Mother Whale and the Whales of Lemuria (who see your path to awakening so clearly before you) and our Star Mothers (who have never left your side, and who taught you and still love you as their own star seed).

You will feel the sacredness of being truly cherished and begin to understand the sacred feminine and her place in this world that is seeking balance, and her place within you.

The Lemurian Re-Birthing Template allows us to delve deeply, and allow the guided gentle opening of your Akash. Because we meet weekly for six weeks, and complete a section of the Re-Birthing Wheel each week, we feel the fullness of completion at the end.

There are often processes to do in between sessions, like journalling, coloured light meditations, feeling the energies of different crystals or plants, working with the symbols that have been given to you. It is helpful and very important to check in with each other within seven days, keeping the energies alive and dynamic, and holding and honouring you with love and support of the Lemurian Sacred Sisterhood.

​The transformation is life changing.


Crystalline Lemurian Waters

The Re-Birthing Wheel, Birthed to the Song of the Whale.

In the crystalline waters of Lemuria with the loving presence of the whales, the Lemurian women gave birth. Here their babes were born to the vibration of the whales, and often the first sounds they would hear were of whale song. Just imagine.

In Lemuria, I would call the whales in. Not only with sound, but with intent and vibration. I would enter the water and ask them to come.

The Goddesses knew the baby who was about to be born. We had known them since they were conceived, and we celebrated as they grew and were nurtured in the womb of their mother.

We already knew their special gifts -healer, astrologer, Priestess, King, shaman, medicine woman, leader, mother teacher. We knew when there was more than one baby. And this was seasonal. There were better times for women to conceive, birth and nourish their babies. It made sense to the civilisation to do this in the flow of the high food cycles, and they did.

Lemurian people were one with nature, and this is one of the reasons why their intuitive gifts were highly polished, pure and pristine.

These images, stories, ideas came floating into me. It’s not easy to describe how something so etheric, can also feel so strong, and present within my body and soul. This is exactly what happens when you integrate your Akash. 

To allow your Lemurian Akash to open, and speak to you we will guide you on the following sacred journeys: 

  • Meet your Inner Child

  • Uncover Your Gifts​

  • Circle of Parents

  • Leaving Behind

  • Celebration

  • Birth Before Birth


Personal Investment

This is an investment in you, and in bringing the fullness of you to life. It's an important decision to make, and although you may feel it's resonance, you need to be ready to undertake this soul journey.

​All Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel transformations begin with a Clarity Call. This helps to answer any questions you may have, allows us to meet each other, and provides the space for you to make your decision and commitment to this beautiful and loving unfolding.

We will meet once every week for six weeks via Skype, or Zoom. Our meetings will last between 70 - 90mins, and recordings will be sent to you each week.

The length of the meeting will depend on the depth of the session, and the need of your soul's voice at that time. We will be gently feel the winding down and natural completion of the session, and we are not governed by linear time.


AU$2800 - Paid in full prior to your sessions beginning

​This option includes a Soul Remembrance Session valued at AU$350 scheduled when you make your payment. Investment to be paid in full one week prior to your sessions commencing.

​AU$2800 - Paid in two instalments of AU$1400.
The first installment to be paid one week to your sessions commencing.

Book your Clarity Call with Letina to confirm your suitability for our Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel.


Sacred Lemurian Journeying

On these sacred and very personal journeys, meet your ancient Lemurian soul & uncover the Goddess within.

Journey to the shores of Lemuria, to meet your ancient Lemurian soul.

We close our eyes, and take a few deep breaths together, and we begin our journey. We are taken to a sandy cove, a sacred site. We know this is a place for sacred women’s business. The business of the Lemurian Sisterhood.

When the time is right and when you are ready, you are invited to step slowly and gently onto the sand, to the middle of the sacred ground.

You are revered.

Be greeted by the Goddesses who lived with you in your Lemurian life. Receive their blessings as they honour your journey to uncover the Goddess within.

On the sand, we are greeted by the Goddesses of the Sisterhood, and they surround us, many, many of them. Often gathering around the edges of the sacred site, where the grass and sand meet. Holding the sacred space for your journey home.

Sit in the presence of our Star Mothers, and the Whales of Lemuria, as they guide your journey in a safe, beautiful and loving way.

Our Star Mothers often meet us on the sand. Sometimes there is two of them and they work with the Goddesses who have come forth to be present with you and offer encouragement as you prepare to meet and re-birth your Lemurian self.

Our guide, Mother Whale holds the sacred space in the warm waters. She knows you and understands exactly where you are on your own awakening journey. Because the waters become very deep, very quickly almost like an enormous well, she is able to be very close to us. You can see and hear her, and you can be with her safely in the water. She sees you.

Receive your own personal guidance from the Whales of Lemuria who know you and where you are in your awakening journey, and the Star Mothers – their ancient song and light language will seed this blessing into your heart and soul.

Mother Whale and our Star Mothers will speak to you. Offering their love and blessings to you, they honour you with song, and language of the light. You feel the vibration of this song deep within your cells. As you somehow recognise these sounds, they settle into your physical body and auric field, providing comfort as they unlock deeply held beliefs that come to the surface to be both seen, and often cleared.

The light language is ancient, and soulful. These are ancient energy codes that you will remember on some level of your being. Reverent blessings and also clearings, they will continue to work within you on a deep level.

Unlock ancient teachings that you received in Lemuria, that are waiting to bubble up into your being.

What did you do in Lemuria? Where you a mother, a healer, a shaman, a star steerer, an animal communicator, a medicine woman, a singer, a priestess? Did you dance, did you prepare the ceremonial ground, were you an archive for the teachings from the Pleiadeans?

As the Goddess gather, they gently lead you to uncover the qualities that made you unique in your Lemurian life. They reveal to you who you were, what you did on the island of Lemuria.

If you choose to awaken these gifts into your life again now, they will show you how.

Through a cleansing in the warm waters of Lemuria, leave behind the qualities that no longer serve you in this life.

Mother Whale is waiting gently and patiently. After your ceremony with the Goddesses and only when you are ready, they walk you to the water edge. You gently push off the sand, and receive the loving and high vibrations of Mother Whale as the cleansing salt water crystallises and dissolves qualities you are willing to leave behind.

When you are ready to leave the water, the Goddesses are waiting to help you back onto the sand.

You are refreshed, cleansed and renewed.


About The Lemurian Teaching Wheel

The original Lemurian Teaching Wheel as brought to us through Kryon, speaks about a time in Lemuria when the Lemurian people were given teachings to live by, that spoke to the sacredness and the divinity of their nature. These were given to them by their ancestors, from the stars. The Pleiadians.

Their teachers were the Pleiadian Star Mothers, their very own Star Mothers who seeded the first humans on the island of Lemuria some 26,000 years ago.

When I first heard the original information from Kryon about the Lemurian Teaching Wheel, my skin tingled all over. This resonated with me on such a deep level that was later to reveal itself to me.

​At that time, I listened repeatedly hearing something new each time. And my soul began searching, my Akash began gently unlocking, and allowing memories, ideas and images to float into my heart and mind - into my now life. Between 2018 and 2019, as I was working with the Lemurian teaching wheel myself, I began to receive concepts, information, symbols and light language that filtered in over the course of a months.

The Unity Heart of the Whales, who are my bridge to Lemuria, began providing information about my Lemurian lifetime, and I gradually came to understand my connection with them, and what purpose this was to serve in this lifetime.



The Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel Client Experience : A deeply personal and transformational process.



Working with Letina has been such a blessing and gift for me. 

She is a powerful channeler and healer.

I immediately felt safe in her presence.

Letina masterfully and lovingly gets to the heart of the matter. Working through the Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel process has opened me up in ways I could not imagine. 

I've spent most of my life in fear of reclaiming my power.  The responsibility seemed so overwhelming/daunting at times. The tools that I received in our sessions were powerful and empowering. 

Each week's meditation was exactly what I needed in that moment. I am now willing to embrace my inner goddess and for that I am eternally grateful to Letina and her guides. 

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