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Whales Of Lemuria, Sacred Whale Retreats

Awaken to a new consciousness with the Lineage of Light Sacred Whale Retreats in Australia and French Polynesia.

Generate awakening of spiritual remembrance. Awaken your connection to the divine intelligence within. Be lovingly guided to the shores of Lemuria, and meet your Lemurian self.


Being with the whales who carry the Akashic record of our awakening planet, whilst at the same time calling forth our own Akashic remembrance will bring about significant and lasting awakening, and enormous spiritual

Registrations of interest are now open for our 2022 Sacred Whale Retreats in Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.

Register your interest to receive further information or book a clarity call to find out more about our Sacred Whale Retreats.

Intimate and transformational retreats. Spaces are strictly limited to 10 woman only.

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Hervey Bay Australia

Be immersed eye to eye, heart to heart and float soul to soul in the expanded energy fields of the Humpback Whales.

Since the beginning of time, the wonderful and wise Humpback Whales have migrated to the warm waters of Australia's East Coast to give birth and mate. They then stop for rest in the warm and protected waters of Hervey Bay, where they socialise and wait for their babes to grow strong enough to make their long journey home to Antarctica.

It is here with them, that we gather in Sacred Circle for 5 days, to receive messages of awakening and transformation, as channelled through Letina Russell. 

Connecting to you inner light through the sacred sound immersion of the Language of Lemurian Unity and the Lemurian Unity Invocations, and with our beloved Humpback Whales you will feel, hear and trust your activated intuitive inner voice.

Awaken the Lemurian within you, and know your Lineage of Light.

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Mo'orea, French Polynesia

Ongoing travelling complications have made it difficult to confirm our 2022 Mo'orea Sacred Whale Retreats. We remain hopeful to hold our Mo'orea retreats again in 2023, and invite you to register your interest here. 

Our 7 day retreat is based on the Lemurian Re-Birthing Wheel.


Uncover the essence of your sacred Lemurian self, and bring your intuitive gifts and talents to life. Reconnect with your wise soul and allow your Akash to open with our ancient record keepers, the Humpback Whales.

Be immersed with the whales, and receive quantum Lemurian energies for 7 days. Turn on your multi dimensional DNA, and rediscover the feeling of pure joy.

Connecting with the Lemurian Unity Invocations, and with our beloved Humpback Whales and you will feel, hear and trust your activated intuitive inner voice more and more.

Explore the sacred sites of Mo'orea, witness the pyramids on this magnificent island, and feel like you have come home.

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