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Lion's Gate Portal

Exclusive Access to the Replay for $33

Reflecting on the incredible experience of our Lions Gate portal circle last 8/8,
I am filled with wonder and awe for the abundance of love and guidance from spirit that filled our circle. 

This was a very special Unity Circle, and the recording of it is like a keepsake that holds the wisdom and energy of the spectacular channelings, from our beloved Whale Unity Heart.  


For AUD$33 forever access brand new information about:


  • Why transformation needs quietness

  • A quantum meditation and visualisation tool to keep the love energy flowing through your sacred heart.

  • We are the sacred, crystalline technology that the mythical stories of Atlantis speak about.

  • 3 Lemurian Unity Invocations so we can access our own soul information, always remain in our sacred heart and to know we are perfect and enough, exactly as we are. 


In quantum time, your presence will add more richness to the multi dimensionality of our circle. 


So even if the timing wasn’t right for you to join on the night, just message us, and for AUD$33 receive your forever access to our Unity Circle video recording, and access to the divine meditations.  


Imagine a powerful activation tool that lets an energy ribbon of love flow through your sacred heart, and adding an extra “8” dimension to the portal as it wraps around your body. 

Join us in Unity by listening to the Circle replay, and you will feel the celebration of the Whales!
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