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Lemurian Unity Invocations

16 Weeks From Spiritual Woman to Uber Conscious Leader.
Awaken Your Spiritual Superpower & Unify Consciousness In All Aspects of Your Life 

Know how to BE a spiritually gifted woman in our 3D world. 

Be lit up by your own spiritual superpower, and remain in your elevated heart space every day.

The Lemurian Unity Invocations are exquisitely channelled energetic frequencies that invite us to initiate our deepest soul knowledge and brightest light.

Through 16 Soul Coaching Circles, Letina will lovingly guide you through the 12 Invocations and awaken the specific gifts you were born to share. 
16 Q&A sessions within our Unity Community will create soul family connections to support your journey, and with whom to share your gifts. 

All Initiations throughout the 16 week transformational journey, will be transmitted live by Letina Russell. 
Forever access to the Lemurian Unity Community Portal, where you will have support to remain in your elevated heart space every day.

Journey Through The Lemurian Unity Invocations...

The Lemurian Unity Invocations are channelled, exquisite energetic frequencies of light, sound and symbol that invite us to initiate our deepest soul knowledge and brightest light.

The Invocations remind us that the greater part of us is energy, not body. And we really do live with access to timeless time, and space with no boundaries.  


When we use these Invocations every day, in every way, we can BE spiritually gifted humans, having extraordinary experiences. 


Creating amazing changes in our worlds, through being heart centred, and knowing our greatness. 


The Lemurian Unity Invocations hold a vibration akin to celestial harmonics, and they entrain us to a different time and space. This is the quantum field where we have access to a myriad of potentials that we cannot fathom with our physical senses. 

Enjoy the journey from Awakening to Mastery, and BEing a powerful, superconscious, heart centred woman, who lives, loves and leads from her sacred heart.

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Byu Taranai

Byu Taranai

Energies are always changing, always leading you to a new place of balance.

Group harmony within your circle and communities.

The collective wisdom of your circle and communities.

Knowing your energies are working in harmony with Gaia.

Il-Canto (1).png

Shiel el il, Il Cantor

Inner courage to face transformational changes in your life.

Deep healing through deep acceptance.

Inner strength to change patterns that no longer serve you.



Your multi dimension heart centre spiral

Opens the portal to your very own soul space

Creates the opening for to know your soul gift

Shiel El Il

Shiel el il

Your multi dimension heart centre spiral

Opens the portal to your very own soul space

Creates the opening for to know your soul gift

Hakea Inopo

Hakea Inopo

Keeping us balanced within the centerpoint of our heart. 

Knowing how to love ourselves unconditionally.

Centering the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves into our heart center.     

Combining galactic and earth energies into our heart space.



The essence of our soul gift, held here until ready to reawaken.

Asks our readiness to live as awakened women on our ascension path.

The full love and compassion held for us by all that is, is held within the Aruntai.

Do Sho

Do Sho

The honouring of your life to this point.

Integration of your spiritual knowledge.

The amplifier for speaking truth.

Living as a pillar of light in your communities.

Rikayo Nomorai

Connection with your Star Mother and personal guides.

Grounding the understanding of your soul’s journey, and how to live in your Mastery in this life. 

Understanding you will be “born knowing” in your next incarnation.

Mikayo Oranai

Mikayo Oranai

Celestial harmonic Invocation that invites you to harness the power of creation stored deeply within your DNA.

Using your energy to broadcast your desires, and your breath to bring manifestations in matter.

Flowing waves of heart awakening and synchronicities toward you and emanating from you.

Ia Osa Oranu

Ia Osa Oranu

Your body conducts energy and light, and broadcasts light from the inside out. 

Transmissions of light are being constantly received into your cells.

Represents the part of you that has direct contact with “all that is”.

Tra Anai

Tra Anai

Attuning the physical body to the highest expression of your own soul colour, flavour and light.

Asks you to identify your physical self with your soul traits in this life. 

Opens the pathways for your soul light to shine.

Allows directional healing and integration towards a certain space and time.  

Ta Ha Himoneo

Ta Ha Himoneo

Feeling your way to esoteric knowledge is the only way there.

Dissolving invisible barriers of the ego and accessing the multidimensional part of your DNA.

Giving permission to receive guidance for the continuation of your soul work. 

Opening to knowledge of our galactic families.

Knowing we carry the seeds of Pleiadian DNA inside of us. 

Our promise to connect with soul family all over the world, and light up all corners of Gaia.

An Invitation to Deeply Transform

Birds Eye View of a Pod of Whales Swimming Through the Blue Ocean

Fall Deeply In Love With Yourself

Remain in the deep soul space you were born to inhabit.

Be resonant with your highest soul potential.


Effect great change as you communicate truths from your sacred heart. 


Make profound connections with your soul family, as you experience the Invocations together. 


Experience 16 weeks of live Soul Empowerment Circles with Letina, to develop your soul gifts and integrate them through all aspects of your life.

If you want spiritual guidance and mentorship, join us today!


Lemurian Unity Invocations Inclusions:

11 x Live Initiations through the Lemurian Unity Invocations live with Letina (on Zoom platform) 

16 x Live Soul Empowerment Coaching Circles live with Letina (on Zoom platform)

8 x Live Soul Empowerment Q&A Circles live with Letina (on Zoom platform)

16 weeks membership to Lemurian Unity Invocations Community (on Wix platform)

11 x downloadable PDF’s of each of the Lemurian Unity Invocations high vibrational lessons, and artwork in 4 different styles.

For Each Invocation:

Downloadable artwork of the Lemurian Unity Invocations symbol in 4 different styles for your ongoing use.

Forever access to all video recordings, lessons, meditations, light language transmissions through our Lemurian Unity Community portal.

Access to our “Awakening with the Whales” private and closed Facebook Page. 

Opportunities to purchase monthly “Unity Continuity” membership for continued support and connection through our Invocations Community, as you need it.   
Very special discounts to our Sacred Whale Retreats in Hervey Bay, QLD, and to
our live in person events.

Women In White Standing In the Ocean

Investment & Bookings

There will be two options to pay:

  • 1/ Pay In Full Option - AUD $5,000.00 

  • 2/ Pay In Two Instalments - of AUD $2,800.00 each 

International currency conversion rates as at 
7 February 2023. 
Please check at time of booking.

  • USD $3,467.55

  • EURO  $3,229.42

You may purchase ‘Unity Continuity’ after your 4 month membership ends, at AUD $167 / month. 

(Our monthly spiritual circles are designed specifically for women who are seeking ongoing spiritual guidance along their awakening journey.

Running for approximately 2 hours, including quantum meditations, light language accelerations and channelled Q & A, our goal is to help you align with your highest frequency, and feel the love and support not only from me, but also from our community of light bearers.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What our Clients are Saying

Words are not powerful enough to express what happened to me on this retreat.
I received the call from England having experienced the Letina’s incredible ability to hold space and energy over Zoom, while connecting through the Lemurian Unity Invocations.
Letina's depth of connection with the whales and our Star Mothers creates a profoundly sacred space which holds everyone in a bubble for the entire retreat.
It is from this place that the magic begins.The magic of transformation, transmutation and accessing your gifts.
Once you allow yourself to trust and surrender into this space the whales, and the support of Letina do the rest.
- Karen
United Kingdom
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