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Enrollment Process

Is Our Retreat Right for you?

For most people, swimming with the Humpback Whales is a once in a life time opportunity - although it certainly doesn’t have to be. Being with the Whales of Lemuria, in the crystalline waters of their home, will open your life in ways you may never feel again. No matter how much time you spend with the whales in the water, expect openings and growth within your heart, mind, psychic abilities, healing abilities, leadership qualities, paths of personal growth, ability to visualise, overall clarity, recognition of opportunities, ability to feel love and joy, ability to enjoy fulfilling relationships. If you are awakening, and already understand your multi dimensionality, then the Whales of Lemuria and their messages will certainly enhance your personal experiences and knowledge of these areas. It is important to consider what you are drawing into your life at the present time, because being with the beautiful Humpback Whales will help you achieve everything you are hoping for. To help you understand the retreat, and how we can assist you on your path of personal or spiritual growth, or further awakening, we ask that you provide some information about yourself in writing. We will then connect via Zoom, where you will have a chance to have your personal questions about the retreat answered. You will know if the retreat is suitable for you, and if you are suitable for this style of retreat. We look forward to co- creating this very special experience with you.

A Humpback Whale Swimming Towards Camera In the Sea
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