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Readings and Soul Remembrance with the Unity Heart of the Whales

Hear your hearts inner knowing, and your own guidance from within, that is often not heard, or it is cluttered by a lifetime of of our own stories.

Linking to the wisdom already present within, maintains the soul’s power, increases the knowledge of your own personal strength, and is 100% reliable - you can always trust it's source and integrity.

Soul readings are not psychic readings. They do not speak to you of what is going to happen. They empower you to gently seek the guidance within to answer your own questions, and will guide you to the path that feels right, from the vantage point of your now existence.

By putting your faith in the reader, without an understanding of your own soul’s power and love for you, you are disempowering yourself.

Sometimes the deepest needs are hard to put into questions. So it’s important to sit, and feel into your heart to the real seed of your question, what truth are you really seeking. What permissions are you looking for?

During soul readings with Letina, the Unity Heart of the Whales are present, and they will draw upon potentials from your now reality offering channelled personal messages for you, for your souls highest good. Often your loved ones in spirit, and your guides will gather, and offer messages of love or remembering, to comfort you.

There are different solutions to situations, that may lead to the same outcome, and will help us learn the different lessons we are needing. We are here to learn these lessons, and to become the most awakened and light filled version of ourselves we can be.

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much Letina!! It was beyond words the experience we had... I am so eager and open to receive all that is flowing in now. I am so excited that I cant wait for all the unfolding, I feel like a child waiting to open the presents... 

I thank you, my guides, and the Pleiadian Star Mothers as I finally feel purposeful...