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Awakening the Lemurian WIthin 5 Day Masterclass

Allow the whales to  awaken your Lemurian gift, so you can claim your spiritual purpose now.

Join Letina Russell, Founder of Whales of Lemuria, Host of the Lemurian Sisterhood Australia, and Founder of the Lemurian Unity Invocations, as she guides you easily and gracefully back to your heart centre, where you will feel the majesty and wisdom of your own soul. 

Through these five Lessons from Lemuria, and their accompanying Light Language Activations, feel the connection to Lemuria, your spiritual home. Know that you are here with your soul family, and the re-connections have been made. 

These lessons, activations and quantum meditations have been channelled from the whales to allow the unfolding of your Lemurian Akash. 

Let your Akash sing with the benevolent knowledge it holds, and claim your spiritual life purpose now.

Held exclusively within Whales Of Lemuria Member Area, become a member today to receive unlimited, on demand access to this Masterclass for only $67.

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The Offerings from our 5 Day Masterclass
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5 Lemurian Lessons

From the Founder of Whales of Lemuria, The Lemurian Unity Invocations, and Host of The Lemurian Sisterhood Melbourne.

Channelled directly from the whales, 5 lessons in new consciousness made easy for us, so we can live with spiritual clarity on new earth.

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5 Quantum Medititations

Beautifully channelled, full of compassion and love, the whales will meet you on your awakening journey, exactly where you are right now.

Including Language of Lemurian Unity light language to activate your Lemurian Akashic Remembrance.

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6 + Hours Course Content

More than 6 hours of course time for you to access the lessons from Lemuria, and deepen your connections through the Lemurian Light Language.

Listen back at your leisure to deepen your connection to the whales, accelerate your healing and connection to your spiritual purpose.

Benevolent Lemurian Knowledge

Do you know your soul holds benevolent Lemurian knowledge?

This information is held in your Lemurian Akash.

Through these 5 videos and meditations, you will feel your Lemurian Akash delivering this information to you easily, with peace, majesty and grace.

Begin to integrate your Lemurian Akash today, and feel the connections to your spiritual purpose.

Are you stuck in the spiritual closet?

The language of the soul is quiet, and often comes in dreams, and synchronicities - why keep these to yourself?

There is one big reason to share these very special occurrences.

When you share them, you say YES to them, and when you say YES to them, they become more frequent. 

Know this IS your awakening

Your Unique Healing Gift.

Your very own healing gift is unique, and so very, very special.

There is no one in the world with your spiritual gifts or talents. 

Understand your role in Lemuria, and see the flavour of that alive in your life right now. 

Know your original Lemurian gift is needed on earth at this time and allow it to breathe again in your life.

Beautifully guided by internationally renowned channel for the Whale Unity Heart, and spiritual mentor Letina Russell this series of Lemurian lessons and quantum meditations will connect you with your Lemurian soul, and your soul family. 

During the 5 lessons Letina guides you to look within, to your very unique healing gift.  And shares her story of mastering many modalities, yet her most unique gift was already within. 

Letina shares how to recognise the flavour of your original Lemurian gift.

Be inspired by Letina's own story of awakening with the whales, so you can recognise this same movement on your own awakening and ascension journey. 

Feel comfortable to come out of the spiritual closet and find your soul family. 

Are you feeling stuck in an isolating career? Learn how to shift into a career of service, without leaving your job. 

Experience profound clearing and healing as Letina speaks the Lemurian Light Language that awakens wise, benevolent energies within you.

Internationally renowned for her ascension work with the whales, Letina has been featured on the following programs:

-    Cari Murphy's, Straight Talk for the Soul
-    Lauren Galey's, Quantum Conversations
-    Awake TV Network Founding Teacher, 36 Episodes 2019 / 2020
-    Awakening Lemuria Summit with Ariya Lorenz


These 5 channelled lessons from Lemuria, and their accompanying quantum meditations will gently activate soul memory, and reveal your Lemurian gift.

Be guided through these five transformational Lemurian lessons, and allow the quantum meditations to touch your soul deeply, revealing your unique Lemurian, intuitive gift. 

By using these five gentle, lovingly guided lessons and mediations your heart will expand so you can feel the enormity of your soul.

You will know with complete certainty that your wise soul already holds everything you need for your awakening.

Feel the clarity that comes with knowing your spiritual life purpose.

What’s Contained in the High Vibrations Lessons?
Lesson 1 -  
How To Answer The Call Of The Whales

The whales promise to meet you on your awakening path, where they will do the heavy lifting for you. 
How our reality changes from multi-dimensional into physical. 
Being intentional about increasing contact with your spirit guides.
Activating your multi dimensional DNA.
Understand the connection between the Pleiadians and the whales.

Lesson 2 -  
Understanding The Real Lemuria

Lemuria - do you feel it as home or mystery?
Your Lemurian soul is being called to awaken, to be rebirthed now.
Rebirthing the Lemurian souls, is sacred women's business.
Loving all of yourself means choosing to live with the fullness of your Lemurian soul.
What happens when you say yes to your Lemurian unfolding.
How the multidimensional becomes physical.

Lesson 3 -
Know Your Awakening Path

The time for your unique healing gift to shine is right now.
How the energies of Gaia are now helping the light workers.
Love and honour your journey, and that of others.
Staying out of comparison.
Who you are is already enough.

Lesson 4 -  
Listening to the Voice of Your Soul.

How to hear with the ears of the heart.
Coming out of the spiritual closet, and allow the voice of the soul to speak.
Languages of light. You have chosen for this to emerge now. 
Finding your soul family - women gathering in unity to complete their sacred Lemurian work.
Feel the transformation when you realise your divine, soft feminine power, is your light.

Lesson 5 -  
Claim Your Spiritual Life Purpose Now.

You are living your mastery now, in our 3D bodies with access to the divine.
Being open to living in the light of all potentials.
Living from the heart space versus the head space. 
The macro versus the micro view of our life purpose.
Honour the energies of the whales, and our Pleiadian Star Mothers, and allow yourself to integrate your growth, your light, your own ascension.