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Five Lessons From Lemuria

Five channelled lessons from the Whales, to activate soul memory and accelerate connection to your spiritual purpose

The Essence of the 5 Lemurian Lessons

Icon for Lesson 1: The Whales Love You

Lesson 1

The Whales Love You

  • The whales promise to meet you on your awakening path, and will do the heavy lifting for you. 

  • How our reality changes from multi-dimensional into physical. 

  • Intentional contact with your spirit guides.

  • Activating your multi-dimensional DNA.

  • Understand the connection between the Pleiadian race and the whales.

Icon for Lesson 2: Lemuria and You

Lesson 2

Lemuria and You

  • Is Lemuria home or a mystery to you?

  • Your Lemurian soul is being called to awaken and rebirth now.

  • Rebirthing Lemurian souls is sacred women’s business.

  • Choosing to know and love the fullness of your Lemurian soul.

  • What happens when you say yes to your Lemurian unfolding.

  • How the multidimensional becomes physical.

Icon for Lesson 3: Knowing Your Own Awakening Path

Lesson 3

Knowing Your Own Awakening Path

  • Now is the time for your unique healing gift to shine.

  • How Gaia is helping light workers like you, right now.

  • Love and honour your journey, and that of others.

  • Your journey is unique, and mustn’t be compared.  

  • You are already enough.

Icon for Lesson 4: Your Language of Light

Lesson 4

Your Language of Light

  • How to hear with the ears of the heart.

  • Coming out of the spiritual closet now.

  • Your soul’s light language, and why you can speak it now.

  • Finding your soul family to complete sacred Lemurian work in unity.

  • Your superpower is your divine, soft, feminine light.

Icon for Lesson 5: Claim Your Spiritual Life Purpose

Lesson 5

Claim Your Spiritual Life Purpose.

  • How to live in your mastery with constant access to the divine.

  • Know how you can live in the light of all potentials.

  • Your heart space, is the place.

  • Your macro and micro life purpose.

  • Know why honouring the whales and your Pleiadian Star Mother is linked to your awakening and ascension.

Lemurian Light Language with Five High Vibrational Lessons, to Awaken Your Lemurian Gift.

Unlimited replays to the recorded live lessons and meditations. 

Hi, I’m Letina

Welcome to our sacred circle. 

In 2021, women from all over Gaia gathered with me for one week to "Awaken the Lemurian Within".


Each day we received a high vibrational lesson from the Whales, with a guided meditation, and light language to accelerate our remembering.


We present these to you here, for your ongoing awakening. They are just as potent today, as they were the day they were originally given.  


I physically received and recorded these Lemurian lessons and guided meditations created by the Whales because I am a bridge for their consciousness. However it was the Whales who gathered the women to receive these amplifications together, at the same time.

You are a Lemurian woman, and I am dedicated to your awakening journey.


Join me as I flow their loving inspirations to you.

Ignite the benevolent knowledge held within your wise soul.

Live your soul’s highest potential, right now.

Letina Russel, the Guide for Whale Retreats

Become a Member and Receive the 5 Lessons of Lemuria

As a member, you will receive:

  • 6 +hours of lessons

  • Guided meditations

  • Light language accelerations so you can know and hold your Lemurian light.

Held exclusively within Whales Of Lemuria Member Area.

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Image by Abigail Lynn

Dive Deeply with the Whales of Lemuria to Uncover your Lemurian Gift. 

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

What our Clients are Saying

Words are not powerful enough to express what happened to me on this retreat.
I received the call from England having experienced the Letina’s incredible ability to hold space and energy over Zoom, while connecting through the Lemurian Unity Invocations.
Letina's depth of connection with the whales and our Star Mothers creates a profoundly sacred space which holds everyone in a bubble for the entire retreat.
It is from this place that the magic begins.The magic of transformation, transmutation and accessing your gifts.
Once you allow yourself to trust and surrender into this space the whales, and the support of Letina do the rest.
- Karen
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