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A Peaceful New Way

Rest and be carried by the arms, the wings, the soul of all that is.

Be carried forward toward all that is singing in your heart.

Know that we your guides, the angels and the energy of all creation already see your wishes as complete, and are holding this for you, until you can gently float towards it with ease and grace.

We see it, because it is complete. and with peaceful ease and grace, you too will know it to be.

Know that a current of love is calling you towards all you desire, and in peace you will meet this current and flow with the beauty and majesty of your life.

For this beauty is what your life is made of. So recognise and say yes to that, and see it multiply.

Remember you are always accompanied by your soul group. Always. Your very own pod who know you by name. We are included.

Rest back in the knowing that all that is, is who you are, and all that is wouldn't be all that is, without you.

Be at peace. Be at peace. Be at peace. and know that al is truly well.

Let this peaceful way be your new point of creation.


Namaste, the Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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