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Contact Is Made.

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This co-creation designed eons ago by the original and ancient Lemurian Sisterhood manifested in this reality the most synchronistic unfolding imaginable ..

Pulled through thousands of lifetimes, my original Lemurian Akash is awakening in this incarnation, and my love story with the Humpback Whales continues to open out before me.

On Saturday 24 August ten Goddesses gathered. Each with their Lemurian Akash ringing true, they had long before set their intentions for loving and healing encounters with the beloved Humpback Whales who rest and play in Hervey Bay. On this morning when our bubble of love was sent out to the dolphins and whales, we could only dream of what might have unfolded.

Little did we know that the whales with their knowing and intentions, would combine with our intentions so powerfully, and form such strong co-creational magic.

We had been privileged to watch playful whales breaching, pec slapping, rolling, snorting and tail slapping. Although not as many this day as there had been the days previous. The sky was grey, and full of rain, it was windy and very cold. Still we enjoyed every minute of it. We toned and sang to the whales from the back steps of the boat and played the Tibetan singing bowl, sending the vibrations of our love through the waters to them.

Our skipper had been working so hard all day to find the right whales for us to swim with. They need to be gentle, restful and interested in being with us for the remote chance of an in water encounter. Adding to this mix, the sea should be still so the boat doesn’t bob around too much, and ideally there would be great water clarity. The swimmers themselves must be calm - content to float in the water, no kicking, no struggling, no overarm swimming action - so the whales feel safe and will allow the interaction to occur. We were those kind of swimmers, but the weather was not co-operating.

Gradually the whale activity wound down to nothing. Complete stillness. It was mid-afternoon, and there were no whales in sight. The decision was made to head back to the marina. The expanse of Platypus Bay was empty of vessels of any kind except for ours. We were heading for home with eyes wide open and searching in a south westerly direction and continued this way for five or six minutes. Then we spotted three of them. They were possibly four hundred meters in front of us. As the skipper switched off the boat engines, the wind stopped. And as we watched our beloved whales, we were in awe as the synchronicity unfolded. The rain stopped and the clouds cleared. And as the sun began to shine, the clarity of the ocean changed as the sea turned to smooth, shining crystalline waters right before our eyes.

Three whales become two, and they swam towards us.

The energies of the Goddesses combined again as we came together at the back of the boat, and with our legs in the water, joyfully called the whales to us. They came. Their consciousness at one with ours. One soul, one mother.

The whales hung around between the two hulls for a few minutes and then left to do a lap of our boat. During this time, they were holding all of us in their sacred circle, truly seeing every person on the boat, and freely giving of the healing that was individually needed. They also gave us time to get our gear on, and to gently slide into the water to share physical and soul space with them.

There were only two of us who were immersed with them that day. Whilst our intentions with the whales were different, they were both from the highest love and they were pure. An honouring and acknowledging for everything they have done and continue to do for us. A thank you. A desperate pull of the heart to be with our beloved Humpback Whales, and to receive clearly their messages. Two humans, two whales. Both heart to heart, soul to soul, belly to belly.

A long loving gaze into the eyes of one whale. Full of universal wisdom and unconditional love and knowing. A chance to sing a love song to them. And an incredible moment of mutual love and caring, where one of the whales, feeling the loving connection, reached out her pec fin.

Hand to fin, and contact was made.

View the news articles on 7 Sunrise, 7 News & 7 News Facebook Page.

View the live unedited footage is on the 7 News Facebook Page.


Namaste - Lemurian Letina

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