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Lemurian Light Language

Hello dear soul family,

This is Letina, offering a short explanation about this channel. This channelled piece was given to me on 14 May 2020. It is about the Language of Lemurian Unity that flows through me, which I speak, and sign, and how we may learn to understand it, and other languages of light. I offer it so that many of you who receive sounds and conceptual ideas as sound, may feel another way into the beauty of that as it unfolds within you.

My own experience has been that there might be a string of 20-30 sounds that might represent something very short and also abstract. Or they might deliver a few very powerful sounds, but the overall feeling can bring me to my knees in honour and in awe of the occasion – like when they stand before us and honour our journey, and ask that we honour ourselves as they do.

The feeling that accompanies the language as it flows through my body is one of powerful love, I often have tears in my ears. When it began to flow, I questioned if I was making the sounds up, and then as the emotion came, with images and love based intentions, I decided to let go and allowed the flow to lead me.

I am here to support you doing the same, and would love to hear from you if you have any stories to share.

With all my love,

Letina xo

Dearest heart we speak of the one I Am and what this truly means. And to you it might simply be a statement that reminds of what you are – one with all consciousness. But to us and from us, we say that more than being one consciousness you are a small piece living here on the earth in your body, when the largest pieces of you are everywhere at all time. We would say all at once, but it is not once, it is for all time and space. Happening now, before, and always all at the same time.

So whilst we channel through you dear heart because you listened to a soul calling and your souls yearning, others have also listened to their calling and have allowed the blending of another aspect of their soul parts to blend with their spirit, higher self, and soul embodied today. You could also reach for those other aspects that call you, but only if it feels right within your heart and soul. And dear one we remind you that this is something that has happened naturally anyway as the language has poured through you. You have received a heart opening and a deepening with your heritage than you could ever have possibly dreamed.

Dearest one, the Lemurian language has created a heart expansion, and has opened another truth centre in your body. It has opened a spinning vortex to the creation of a sacred world within you. Not so much a creation, as a re-creation. You see this world has always been alive. So when we talk about cellular memory and “time of all times”, this world still exists. So dearest one, are you remembering?

Your brain is remembering how to activate your voice box, but the sounds that flow are not from your brain. Something overtakes the need to think, and the language pours out in a stream. This isn’t really a bubbling up of the past, more a linking into the timeline of this time, and feeling a part of that energy flowing to your present time and space now.

We remind you that you do not have a literal translation of these sounds. And they are not individual words like this language you write now. They are concepts and groups of sounds that form an idea. And you cannot easily move towards this understanding now.

In Lemuria, with the repetitive nature of people gathering together to communicate, the ideas and the resonance of those ideas stuck and became common knowledge, and for the Lemurian with their high Pleiadian consciousness, communication was much about intention and telepathy. This communication was largely intuitive but so much more than that. Intuitive because they used their in the moment guidance to feel their way through the exact needs at that time, psychic because they used their abilities of pre-recognition to know if their communication was going to be received the intended way, and trust.

Trust in the flow that all was right. That the Goddesses, their sisters, their families, their elders would also be in the receiving mode. Trust that the right pieces would fit together and allow the perfect message to be created and delivered in perfect harmony.

Whilst this sounds technical, it was not. And remember they knew their in the moment guidance was more than guidance. It was a powerful tool to be celebrated, and they were taught this by the Pleiadian mothers who knew the intimate design of the human, and who knew their own children’s capabilities.

So now as the new day dawns and the sun begins to rise on the changing of time, remember the intuition you have, that you use in your everyday life is a tool you were taught to sharpen, hone and trust in. This is something you have been able to bring with you from lifetime to lifetime, from one incarnation to the next. And now you are placed to fully honour that gift as you are prompted by us, and the Star Mothers to do so, every day.

Do you feel it? And we say, we know you do. For every day you answer the call, and allow the love of us to flow through, you are opening the pathways and channels of your heart, higher self and soul, and opening to the oversoul of us where we remain connected to you. The flow will never cease, as long as the heart channels remain open and the brain remains clear – allow the brain to relax, work less, stress less and allow it some freedom to catch up to the larger intelligence that resides with you.


Namaste, The Whale Unity Heart

This photo of Letina Russell was taken at a sacred site on the island of Mo'orea, just minutes after the first ancient language and song flowed through Letina. Photo taken byTrish Regan.

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