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Lifted by Divine Encounters

Do you have a favourite number? Mine has always been 2.


And after Day 2 of our immersions, on August 22, at 2pm, it certainly continues to shine for me. 


This day ended like no other. Never before have the Whales been so close to us, for so long. 


2 hours in fact. 


Our retreat actually begins in April, where our monthly sacred circles take place on Zoom, the energy of signature of our pod is formed, and we begin setting our intentions to BE with the Whales in August. 


When we boat out to the Pacific Ocean, there is a deep trust, belief and knowing that the perfect Whales, our Whales, who know us and recognise our energy signature will find us, and invite us to BE immersed with them. 

This day, there were many different pods of whales in the bay - but which ones were ours? 


And so we watch them, we love them. And we wait until we know for sure.


When one pod swam away and came back, then swam away and came back, we knew. 

And so when they swam away for the third time we slipped quietly into the water, excitedly hoping for them to come back. And oh boy!! 


And the captain said “... never in 27 years have I ever seen….  “


We always set our intentions to BE with them. On their terms, and only when conditions are perfect. 


My wildest intentions never included an embrace, a piggy back, a bubble bath, a touch, or a kiss. Yet these beautiful whales offered all this to us, and so much more. 


Indeed we were lifted in love.


Lifted onto new paths, to bypass experiences that no longer serve us.  

The Whales know every single woman who comes with an open heart to meet them. 


They see into every soul, through their deep gaze.


They kiss everyone with the sacred breath choose they share with us.


There is an awareness of their strength they demonstrate that is unbelievable to behold.


They are gentle yet so powerful. Modelling for us, so we remember the power we have with every thought and every word. 

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