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Our Akashic Records and Synchronicities

Are you still feeling the deep connection and presence of the Whales? There's a school of thought that suggests Whales are holders of the Akashic Records, repositories of universal knowledge and wisdom. But beyond that, they truly are remarkable—they are multidimensional beings placed here on Earth to guide human awakening and ascension.

The Whales have a remarkable ability to facilitate our spiritual growth and transformation. They have a way of "flipping" our perspective, ushering us towards gentle understanding of our own mastery. Their invitation is always  "Swim in our slipstream, where the waters are clear.” The Whale Wisdom never waivers. 

What makes encounters with our beloved Whales transformative is their immense energetic presence. They are giant vortexes of energy, capable of entraining our energy fields to theirs. 

When we are in their presence, we are relaxed, deeply releasing. We let go of patterns of thought that no longer serve us, and forget about our desires too. It's as if they give us. In those moments, we want and need for nothing, we are pure consciousness. It’s as if they provide us with direct access to the divine within ourselves.

Spiritually guided to deeply surrender, our point of attraction is elevated. This is why synchronicities appear so often when we’ve been with the Whales. 

Is it because whales are Akashic Record keepers and know all potentials for our highest purpose? Yes. But it's also because they facilitate our connection with our own soul’s light, our higher self. In their presence, we find the maps to our soul, guiding us toward our true purpose and highest expression.

With much love,

Letina and the Whale Unity Heart. 

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