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Our Benevolent Akashic Remembrance…

Dearest one, have you ever wondered what memory is? It is the coherence of your brain, heart, and soul, all working together and this is why the essence of memories from past incarnations can come back to you.

Your soul is holding them and in this life when the brain comes across something that is of similar essence to a past memory it recollects all the pieces it knows, assembles it with the soul, and then you have a feeling.

Usually, a very strong feeling that forms a theme in your life. Most often it is just the essence of it with no actual, factual evidence or visual representation, just a feeling.

And this is why Akash is so important to us. Because we are asking you to request from your Akash a soul memory with pieces and parts that are of a benevolent nature. And ask them to come together to show you the wonderful, healing, loving, happy times and places that are of benefit to your life right now. Those that will help you assemble and move forward toward the most incredible ideas and healing for your physical body, and bring your body and hence your life into real and lasting balance.

Channelled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria © ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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