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Our Star Mothers

We live inside you dearest, and we are also in the ethers just like spirit but only because you cannot see us now. But dearest you have seen us, and you have felt us and you have the visions inside you of the Lemuria where we were so present with you. And now you are building the new Lemuria starting within, and we say we are present again.

The Star Mother is not in front of you, she is in you. Dearest one do you see? As we taught the Lemurians on earth by being in front of them, you are also teaching the Lemurians on earth by being in front of them. You are the new Star Mother.

Dearest you call it spreading light across the globe and we call it meeting your sisters and brothers across the globe who are also the new Star Mothers. Yes you are spreading the light, most definitely, and you are connecting the earth's grid in a way that has never been before. But darling heart please see, please see that you are doing so much more than this.

Dearest when we lived in Lemuria, when we lived on the earth, we connected back to our loving family who were not on the earth. Darling do you see that you are doing this also? You are connecting back to your non physical family, the very original family who is us.

We taught the concepts to our Lemurian people that are being taught today. The study of astrology, mirror work, finding the God inside, everything coming from and feeding back into the central sun, we taught all of them. Today humans have picked up various aspects of these teachings and have made them very large. But there are still some missing pieces dearest and they will be remembered and spread by you and your sisters, the new Star Mothers of today.

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