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Quantum Time Versus Linear Time - Part 1

All of the teachings and spiritual guidance received from the Whales, weaves between  quantum time and  linear time. 

Quantum time is where the guidance reaches us. The wisdom is pure, and where we are clear and open to receive it fully. 

Linear time is where every one of us spends the majority of our days. Operating by the clock, creating a pressure on ourselves to have things done before the clock strikes. Except the times we catch ourselves and are able to receive a gentle reminder from our soul that we are in the world yet not of it, we are compressing ourselves through time, every day.  

Time spent in meditation, walking in nature, in joyful creation of something with your hands or your inner sight, are all quantum time activities. This is where you seem to drop into a time slip, when you  accomplish a lot in “a short time”, or you’ve been immersed so deeply that “time has flown by”. We know this, because we reference the clock as soon as we come back from our quantum space. 

Setting your intentions to BE in quantum time will allow this flow in your life. However as we are all governed by the clock to some degree, this can be easier said than done. 

When we are preparing to swim with the Whales, energetic preparation is key. And an enormous part of this is beginning to understand quantum time, and trusting that every single interaction, every manifestation,  every spiritual encounter occurs first in the quantum, before it finds us in the physical. 

It is the gentle weaving and retrieving of soul information into our physical lives that the Whales help us to understand. This is what living in your Mastery truly is. 

We’ll continue this in Part 2 of this blog tomorrow.

With love,

Letina and the Whale Unity Heart.

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