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Quantum Time Versus Linear Time - Part 2

After spending literally hundreds of hours in the water with the Cetaceans, what I know is that intentionally being with the Whales brings us into our “receiving mode”. 

When we are open to receive,
we let go of all resistance.

Beliefs of who we are gently dissolve in those moments.

Attachments to time and space fall away.

Our to-do lists disappear.

This is where the soul weave and retrieve, or the soul retrieve and weave happens. We retrieve it when we are receptive, and weave it into our lives in a balanced way. 

When our pod of women physically gathers to swim with the Humpback Whales, we have already spent many hours together feeling the consciousness of the Whales in the quantum. 

When we intentionally feel for them this way, they learn our vibration and energy print too. 

So then when we visit them in their physical home, they know who we are, and this is why the magic moments  with the Whales are so impactful in our lives.

One way to explain linear time versus quantum time is that every minute spent immersed, floating in their energy fields is equivalent to 10 years of spiritual growth. 

Time seems to stand still when you are floating with the creatures who have the most enormous hearts on the entire planet. 

We are held in a timeless exchange of love, where we each receive exactly what we have asked for. And that gift continues to flow into our lives through the soul weaving and retrieving for months, and sometimes years afterwards. The moments that can be counted on the clock, are so full of energy, that they continue to stretch on and on.

The Whales’ promise is to meet every awakening woman on her path, wherever that space is. And they always keep their promises. 

With much love,

Letina and the Whale Unity Heart. 

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