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Something very special happens when women gather with strong intentions.

Intentions to deeply heal and release.

Intentions to uplift others.

Intentions to finally bring their gifts into the world.

Intentions to lead their communities and businesses with compassion. 

Intentions to feel joy, and live from their heart centered place.  

Intentions to expand their consciousness.

Intentions to connect, understand and even answer their soul calling.


This is what I know - the Whale's raise our consciousness and awareness.


When we are near them, they entrain us into their enormous energy fields.


We receive what we've intended - they are our greatest teachers.


Although they ask nothing in return, there is a palpable exchange of love between us, and this takes us into a higher dimension.  

They are multi dimensional begins, who remember their reason for being.


There is no separation between their consciousness which always resides in the Unity Field, unlike ours.


They teach us to remember Unity Consciousness, and how to create from this field.


We remember what we promised we would, so we can teach others the same.


We raise our vibrations to light - which is energy.


We experience joy, ecstasy and deep self love, until we can feel nothing else.


The more we feel these feelings, the more of our bodies recognise and hold them. Until we become Unity Consciousness.


Without thinking about it, we've gotten out of our own way.


We feel fabulous, and an amazing by product is.....The stuff we've been asking for, flows freely to us!

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