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✨🐋 Whale Energy Entrainment 🐋✨

What I know and would love to share more with you is that in the presence of Whales our level of awareness and consciousness is elevated.

When we are in their proximity, they entrain us into their immense energy fields. We receive the knowledge or experiences we have been seeking, as they serve as our greatest mentors.

Despite not asking for anything in return, there is a tangible exchange of love between us, resulting in an elevation for us to experience higher dimensions.

Whales are multidimensional beings who remember their clear sense of purpose. Their consciousness is always unified, in contrast to ours as we live in duality, one of our biggest challenges being to remember who we truly are.

They offer teachings on how to embrace Unity Consciousness and manifest from this state of being. When we are able to remember our soul agreements, one of them is to share these lessons with others- in Unity for the uplifting of many.

When we raise our vibration ( our energy) towards the essence of light, which is also energy, we are able to experience emotions such as contentment, joy and profound self-love. Naturally as we continue acclimating to this vibrational field, these emotions become our predominant states of being.

The more we experience these emotions, the more our emotional and physical bodies recognize this as the new normal. As a natural by product of this lighter state of being, previous obstacles as we knew them, are moved from our paths. This is one very strong sign indication that you are flowing through higher dimensional living.

Feeling extraordinary is another amazing consequence of being in the flow, and because we trust we drop our energetic demands for things, and this allows our desires to flow effortlessly towards us.


And So It Is.

Love from Letina

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