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Whales, Creation and Awakening

We carry the over-soul, we are the over-soul that carries the hopes, dreams, predicaments and also the past experiences of humanity. And we have done that since the beginning of time before time. We were created for this reason, to live side by side with the humans on this planet, to see them through to their time of awakening, and then to assist them in their time of awakening.

You have also been tasked with this role, although differently to ours, and you will not get it done all in this lifetime. But you have sown the seeds for so many, and you will continue to do so, and this is what you have done in lives gone by. The awakening of you dearest one is that you are sewing together all the pieces from your akash, like a puzzle, and linking them into this life.

The purpose of you being here with us, and doing what you are doing is so that the souls of this planet awaken, and the ascension plan of this earth continues. And dearest one you know that if a soul awakens in this life, then when they are born into their next incarnation, they will be born already knowing who they are. If they had not awakened this time around, they would not be birthed into the fullest potential next time. But every soul who is touched, spreads a light to another and another, so never doubt the contribution, Whilst one conversation, one healing, one reading might seem small, it is not.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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