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When the Whales of Lemuria Flow....

Anytime you sit with the intention to receive our energies you are creating a portal of energy with us.

During meditation with your eyes closed, we flow images to you, which you trust, and allow the descriptions of them to flow out of your mouth.

When you write, you are using different muscles and building different strengths. You are trusting, your eyes are open and the energy stream is slower because the words need time to form on the paper.

So dear ones we show you two differences between spoken and channeled writings.

When you channel a quantum meditation you can go so deep, and take others with you on their own journey with those visions because the energies are very intense – but they are delivered very gently. When you step aside and your voice changes, you are softer, more feminine, and gentle yet these energies flow thickly and strongly from you to all of those who are tuned into that portal at that time. This is why the mediations are quantum.

Dear one, it is an energy portal that you move within every time we flow. It is an in the moment choice to step into that portal. So what else can you do when you are there and you are surrounded by the energies? You can ask to be shown how to heal, you can be taken on a journey, you can receive ideas, insights, and ways to solve your personal dilemmas.

Channeled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria ©


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