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Soul Remembrance Session

Soul Remembrance Session with the Whales of Lemuria

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 350 Australian dollars
  • In person or via Zoom, Skype or phone

Service Description

Guiding you back to you. What do you need to hear most now, in order to live joyfully in the fullest expression of who you are? Allow the wisdom of the Whales of Lemuria to gently awaken you. Their language of light and love will activate and awaken akashic memory that will benefit you now. The language of light cleanses debris from your aura, and helps you to step fully onto your life path. You have the chance to ask all your questions, and guidance will be given from a soul level, and in a way that you can best hear it now.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your free Sacred Whale Retreat Clarity Call, then please let us know here: Or reschedule another appointment time at this link: For rescheduling your Soul Remembrance Session or Lemurian Unity Invocations Soul Coaching, please email us here: You can also message Letina Russell on +61 418 516 869

Contact Details


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