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Unity Invocations Clarity Call

Answering all of your questions about our Unity Invocations Membership

  • 30 minutes
  • Free
  • Via Zoom, Skype, or phone

Service Description

Are our Unity Invocations suitable for you? Here’s a little recap of what you can expect with the Lemurian Unity Invocations… To feel honoured. Understand you mirror the divine, and how to access this creation energy. Deep transformation and personal growth that sticks. Intentionally combining your spiritual purpose with your career, so you can be elevated and prosper at the same time. No juggling or need to trade off between your sacred space and your work life. Goodbye split personality! Being truly seen. Meaningful connections with heart centred soul sisters. Know how to show up in your full power, and full light. Understanding of how to use your spirituality in a grounded, and non woo woo way. Being able to speak your deepest truth, confidently, even if your knees feel shaky. Heal long lasting patterns that no longer serve you. No more tug of war between your work life and spiritual life (massive relief for your body!). Understanding your unique spiritual gift, how to connect with it, and bring it to life (ahhhh - relief - it’s finally happening!). Using your spiritual gift to effect great change in your homelife or in the workplace. Finally a combination of professional & spiritual coaching that actually works. A feeling of homecoming through deep connections to Gaia, the whales, dolphins and and “all that is” Joy at coming out of the spiritual closet.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your free Sacred Whale Retreat Clarity Call, then please let us know here: Or reschedule another appointment time at this link: For rescheduling your Soul Remembrance Session or Lemurian Unity Invocations Soul Coaching, please email us here: You can also message Letina Russell on +61 418 516 869

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