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2021 Unity Prayer for Peace

Our prayer for peace in 2021 and beyond.

Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf, asked the Lemurian Sisterhood hosts to join intentions for a peaceful 2021 and beyond. She asked that the Whales of Lemuria deliver the final prayer before she closed our circle. The following is their offering.

For the Lemurian Goddesses who are awakening now, and the men that love and support the unity in our collective awakening.

With all our love,

Letina and the Whale Unity Heart. xox

We speak of a time when peace was all around you and you felt it to your very core, and this is what you knew. And we invite you to allow that to be alive in you again. Within every cell in your body.

For every cell knows peace.

Every cell knows love.

Every cell knows compassion and passion.

For this is who you truly are.

The Goddesses who know peace.

The Goddesses who can teach peace.

The Goddesses who emanate peace.

As the different phases of the moon change the waters of the earth, allow to swell within the very waters of your body, your every cell, the feeling of peace.

Because you know this feeling, when you remember this, your true inner peace, this is what you reflect.

Dear Goddesses shine on.

Shine on in all your different glories, unique as the phases of the moon.

Each reflect your inner peace out into the world, until peace is all you see.

And so it is.


Namaste, with love from The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria

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