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A Blip In Time

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

We speak to you of the blip in time, and the consciousness that surrounds the young adults on this day. Not only does it surround them, it permeates them. They feel, as we feel, as you feel. But remember, they feel so deeply and in so many layers as their bodies are more crystalline than the older generations. Which means more crystalline and naturally, without the need to awaken it, then most people on the planet today.

They feel so deeply in every layer of their bodies. They sense, they see, and they know. Even the ones that you think you do not, do. So to put themselves under the microscope of your country and of the old institutions at this time, knowing they will feel it, is brave. Not only brave but very measured and brave. They decided to live through the mass awakening of 2020 and to put themselves under the microscope at this time, in this year of all years.

It was decided a very long time ago and the souls who gather together in the pods they have met through the institution of school have also formed agreements with the teachers at that school. And what they do not realize is the numbers in those exam results will affect the teachers' lives, and the fabric of that institution for a lot longer than it will affect these young crystalline adults. Just a blip in time they agreed they would create in, but something that we would define the future for these institutions and the people who set the standards by which these incredible young people are judged.

We agree it will take time for this to change, but trust that it is already happening. However for the young ones in your care, they could give thanks that they are not judges like some. And they could give thanks that they have been told their worth is not related to a number.

The responsibility our young people have is worlds away from simply achieving a good score on a paper, especially when the results are tampered with in such away. These schools are reflective of a group, not an individual and in any case, still could never be a reflection of the whole person. It is not possible for this to happen. There is not such a thing in all of the oceans, in all of the night skies in the multi-verses that make up our galaxies that rates someone with a score.

If only in a game. So let it be seen this way. And now the numbers are being given and now the game is over. They can begin their life, and move towards their souls true calling. And where that path leads them now will be different to where the soul is calling them in another two years, and five years and forever more. And part of this soul calling was to complete this year, with a chosen soul pod, including the teachers and leaders of those institutions.

Dear ones, dear crystalline beings we encourage you in love, to begin to understand the depths of your being, and the value you bring to the earth by being alive. You are truly bridges between the generations.

You are bridging the generation gap and creating a very stable platform for so much world change.

Compassion, grace, love and acceptance for people of all nations.

Care and custodianship for our Gaia and all the creatures of Gaia, who do not yet have a voice.

Inclusion and belonging for those who cannot yet feel their place.

There is no number that would do you justice for the path you have chosen to walk at this time.

Now ask for your dreams to lead you. Be guided by your imagination. Allow your visions to be your life inspiration. These things that are not taught to you in school are all tools for the journey of your life. They are yours to use

We honor you for stepping into the spotlight and allowing us to remember you today.

And so it is.


Namaste, the Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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