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Awakening and Ascending, A Continual Process.

Shining friend, sister, daughter of light we are here to assist you with your own awakening journey and it is now changing. Yes you have been gifted with the light, and you are awakening now, and dearest this is not a process that will ever end.

You keep unveiling more and more of your soul to yourself when you say yes to the process. And your awakening is then intertwined with ascension, you see they are two very different aspects to your journey home.

Like truth and love, they go together. Awakening and ascension cannot be separated. To awaken is to begin to know yourself, to acknowledge that your heart and soul are now your guiding lights. You will now pilot your life via your heart and soul.

The process of ascending is to take your awakening to a new space, to different levels, and to live your life in different ascending dimensions, where alternative realities become your reality.

To truly ascend is to be able to live comfortably in your body, with your earth family and friends, and anchor in the energies of your experiences right here on your planet.

Channelled by Letina Russell and The Whales of Lemuria ©


Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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