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Dearest ones we join you where the oceans and the heavens meet in your heart, and we are there together. There is a special place where together we create a place for you on this earth where you are at one with the harmonious energies that flow whilst still living grounded in the 3-D world.

Being part of the 3-D world, on it but not of it. In it but not absorbed by it. Just hovering above as you feel and act from your heart space. Living from your heart, breathing from your heart and always at one with yourself. When you live from this place of heart centred truth, you will always be 100% okay. Everything will have a flow when you allow the heart to be your guiding light.

Dear ones your light is your guide, it allows your heart to speak. When you are about to enter a difficult space, situation or encounter, picture the light going out ahead of you and filling the space you are about to walk. When you step forward into that light, this is the space in which you will work, and it is projected by your heart. So every word in this space carries with it energies, huge energies that hold the vibration of your words. So choose the words carefully or rather just allow the words from the heart to be the ones that come out of your mouth, for they will continue to bring truth long after you have finished speaking.

Dear one, words are energy and energy is light. Light is energy and this is the arena that you live in. Everyone does, but you have consciously chosen to participate in this way. So now every breath, every word really matters because sounds is light.

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