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Living An Integrated Akash

Dearest a fully integrated Akash means that the information you have received, you trust and are now grounding it into this lifetime. You have chosen to be a woman and to bring your gifts to the world at a time when they are needed most, and can no be accepted. This choice you made, but not on your own. You also chose to recreate these gifts with the knowledge that Mother Gaia needed you at this time, and the people of the earth needed you too. The whales, we are always here and have also guided this choice. We are your record keepers and know the past, present and future potentials. And we say remember, remember, remember.

Dearest heart we again lovingly show you that this remembering is exactly that. It was a life by design, that you chose to remember who you once were, and the fullness of who you now really are. So you went to school after school, and course after course, and filled yourself with ancient knowledge that would one day only re-ignite the spark of your psychic gifts and abilities.

Dearest you were topping up your Akash with these new things, just so they would shine a light on an Akash that is already so full.

So we ask you to treat this as a remembering, not a learning. Remember and allow this information to bubble up to the surface and be integrated within you once again.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria

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