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EVER PRESENT ENERGY- We are the instruments for grounding.

I have been feeling into the delicious and yet slightly uncomfortable "void" where I have heard many of you are also sitting, and I hope feeling, too.

It has even been difficult for me to emerge authentically on camera over the last three weeks, which is why I have not been live on the platforms, and this is something I really love to do.

What I have been guided to bring to you is that even when we can't see or feel who walks with us, even when we feel alone or without guideance, the energy of spirit, all that is, the beings who love us, are always by our sides.

There is so much light now on this planet supporting us light workers to stand, hold the light and know we are contributing to the growth and ascension of Gaia.

The energies are streaming towards us like never before, and we are the instruments for grounding.

SInce December I have felt the energies change and intensify. And since Feb / March this year I believe they have escalated again. Offering us all the opportunity to upgrade. And how to we do this? We use the energy. We say yes to the new, and allow the old energies that don't serve our lightest, brightest selves to drop away.

" With ease and grace, I am fully living my purpose.

I intend for all my needs to be met, and abundance to flow. I live my purpose with joy and ease. "

I took this photo on the last day of autumn 2021 - yesterday. I was out walking early in the morning, and I could clearly see the rainbow spectrum in every beam from the sun. I allowed it to flow over me, into my 3rd eye, and I know that I was absorbing a high frequency. It is available to every single human, but not all of us take notice.

The entire light spectrum was penetrating my body at that moment, and I felt different.

I was given a reminder, I remembered who I am - why I am here, why I am really here - in a different way.

I took this photo, hoping I could share the light spectrum with you, and although it doesn't show up the thousands of beams as I saw them with my naked eye, the rainbow spectrum is certainly clear.

Also there are some very cute orbs on each side - (I know the iPhone creates green orbs if you have the flash on - but these are not from the flash.)

So always remember, you are light first.

Use the energy that flows to us to reinvigorate you, uplift you, and recharge you.

We are crystalline light beings. So just as you would recharge your crystals, give yourselves the gift of sun and moonlight, and recharge your own batteries.

As you allow the energy to flow through you, remember who you are -

Light being with a Lemurian akash. Ground this information through you and into Gaia, and claim your self worth.

Our guides and creator beings are with us every single step we take, watching, waiting, guiding us to the fullest version of ourselves aways.

See them in the sunlight today.

With all my love,

Letina xox

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