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Higher Dimensional Realms

A lifetime of remembering that's true, but nothing more perfect as the timing you are now experiencing. This timing is divinely bright and the perfection also, is that you have set the clock. It is a clock that allows the time of the soul to be shown to you. It encompasses your soul growth, it feels the warmth of your heart, knows the cleverness of your mind. The clock is the teller of the synchronistic time happening within your universe and in all others that you are in tune with. And this is what holds your dreams, wishes, hopes and life plans. As you created when you were an expert non-physical creator before you took breath in this world, and you have been adding to it every day since. Every minute of every day.

We see this and we know it. Your clock is a giant bubble always with you seeking out the stories that match yours, and holding you firm like it promised you if you ever stray from your desires. But you do need to keep your heart and third eye firmly fixed on who you are, until that is strong, ever so strong that you should never waiver. Even when 3-D situation pull you away, you shall never waiver.

And dear heart this is one of your life missions. You said you would hold the blend. You said you would be one who sat with a foot in all worlds because this person is needed. This person needs to be where the light needs to be held.

Dear one, even when you leave the 3-D situations you now find around you, the aspects of these will be with you always. It is those who live in the 3-D who know not what you do, who will always always be there in your life.

So now remember as the light bearer who encounters all different modes of reality it is your job to see the higher dimensional aspects of them, and the more you see the more will be shown to you.

Can you see now that as soon as you maintain your focus on the higher dimensions of everything, the sooner they will show themselves to you? This is the key to transforming everything you touch, everything you look at, every experience that you like or don't like. To look at them and find the higher dimensional aspects, and this will transmute all the lower dimensions for you into the light. We say for you, because your interpretation of a lower dimension may not be the same as anothers.

And for another to transmute their energies to the light, needs first their discovery and then their permission.


Namaste, the Whale Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria.

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