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How WE Swim with Whales

In Australia, stringent rules govern interactions with our beloved Whales, ensuring their protection, our respectful engagement with them, and our safety.

 We can be heart to heart and eye to eye with Whales, if we do it R I G H T




Heart felt


This is a transformative journey of connection, reverence, and profound spiritual guidance.

Physical and spiritual worlds become blurred - the veils are very thin, even non existent. 

But how do we do it? Not merely by swimming in the ocean and hoping for a chance encounter. 

Setting intentions is paramount. 

By consciously aligning our energy with the frequency of the Whales, we create a bridge of connection that transcends physical time and space. 

The Whales attune to the vibrations of our intentions, and respond in kind, reaffirming our loving connections with their presence, over and over again.

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