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Intuition Is Truly A Gift

Dearest one it is the gift you’ve been given to feel all you do. Whether the feelings are good or bad, make you feel happy or sad, it is a gift to be honoured, treasured and fostered. The fact that you meet people and feel instantly for them, is a sign that you are capable of deep and loving connections. This is what makes you special, and something that you chose.

Remember dearest one, dearest star being, you chose everything. The time, the place, the parents, the lessons. So doing anything that opposes this is going against your own chosen destiny. When you accept who you are, your unique gifts and abilities and you are in the flow with that, then truly, the flow will take you where you most want to go.

Dearest one your intuitive gifts are something very, very special to be honoured and treasured and above all, practised and honed. This is your gift in this lifetime, and this is your gift to others – your family, your children, your friends.

Intuition is special. It is gifted to people who can then appreciate their skill and use it for great and wonderful things. Helping others through grief, counselling, and bringing forth messages, it is full of love and compassion and without ego. For if you truly use the intuition sacredly, it is from heart only, heart and body, not from brain or ego. So continue dearest one to remain in the heart, a place that you can always trust and rely on, a place that loves you, that is responsible for the feelings of wonderment joy and ecstasy in your life . Only wonderful things come from the heart and it is here that you are truly in the flow of love.


Namaste, The Unity Heart of the Whales of Lemuria

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